Movendi International’s 9th episode of the Alcohol Issues podcast.
This is a special edition.
For Human Rights Day marking the end of another 16 days of activism period to raise awareness about and campaign for ending violence against women, we skip the weekly alcohol issues highlights to completely focus on the in-depth conversation.


For this special edition of the Alcohol Issues podcast we welcome Kristina Sperkova, the President of Movendi International. Kristina is a trained psychologist who specialized in social psychology and discourse analysis, writing about comparative analysis of gender norms and stereotypes in Sweden and Slovakia.

With this background, Kristina has been leading Movendi International’s work for advancing gender equality and female empowerment for the last 14 years.

Special edition in-depth conversation

This is a deep-dive into alcohol issues through a gender and Women’s Rights lens. With Kristina we discuss alcohol‘s role in the epidemic of violence against women. 

It’s a broad topic that does not receive the attention it deserves. Kristina shares her analysis of how and why the Women’s Rights movement is failing in this regard.

We go into detail about how the alcohol norm and gender norms overlap and the lessons that can be drawn from discussing the overlaps. We talk about the role of alcohol marketing in fueling violence and fomenting the oppression of women. And we discuss the solutions that are available to help advance women’s rights through addressing alcohol.

Kristina shares profound insights that expose the alcohol industry; as a feminist herself she challenges the feminist movement and outlines a bold and comprehensive approach to eliminating violence against women, driven by the communities most affected.

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