Welcome to the weekly Alcohol Issues Newsletter with carefully curated alcohol policy news, a latest science digest, new Big Alcohol revelations, and a Special Feature to keep you in the know about the most important alcohol issues of week 3.


Week 3, January 18 – January 22, 2021

Alcohol issues from our Policy Newsfeed cover new momentum for improved alcohol laws in South Africa; criticism of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines and their advise on alcohol; and Europe’s blindspot that is prevention…

Alcohol issues from our Science Digest cover alcohol pricing policies and their impact on no- and low-alcohol product consumption; as well as new insights into what motivates people to download smartphone apps to deal with alcohol problems…

Alcohol issues from our Big Alcohol Watch summarize a ground-breaking new report from Vital Strategies exposing how governments and development agencies incentivize the alcohol industry, increasing industry profits and reach, despite the death and disability burden caused by alcohol…

This week, a new Special Feature is providing latest updates of the developments regarding alcohol and COVID-19 with news from Estonia, Australia, Northern Ireland, Sweden, and Czechia. And a new scientific commentary explores how multinational alcohol corporations have exploited the COVID-19 pandemic and what can be done by health professionals to reduce such exploitation…

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