In the Baltic country of Estonia, the nationwide limit on the sale of alcohol has been extended until the end of February, according the a government announcement recently.

To help contain the spread of the coronavirus in Estonia, the government instituted a temporary alcohol sales ban between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m. across the country. Err News reports that the improved alcohol availability rules were set to be in place until January 26 but have been extended an additional month.

Estonia is in good and big company in Europe with regard to the large number of countries who have improved their alcohol policy measures in order to better contain the coronavirus. With new coronavirus infections rising exponentially across Europe and health services being pushed to the brink once again due to COVID-19, governments are implementing physical distancing rules and new lockdowns; alcohol policy considerations, especially regarding alcohol availability, are an increasingly significant element to help stop the spread.

The reports that the spread of the coronavirus is stabilizing. In the last 14 days, 589 new cases per 100 000 people were found. Therefore, the government has decided to ease some of the restrictions imposed in Harju and Ida-Viru counties in December to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The relaxation of measures concerns catering establishments, indoor sports and training, hobby activities and education, as well as museums and exhibition facilities.

Source Website: Err News