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Week 8, February 22 – February 16, 2021

Alcohol issues from our Policy Newsfeed cover communities campaigning for cancer warning labelling on alcohol products (USA); communities campaigning for alcohol tax increase (UK); alcohol policy during COVID-19 in Thailand; and the (positive) effects of reducing alcohol availability during COVID-19 in Sweden…

Alcohol issues from our Science Digest cover new research about the mental health problems (including alcohol use disorder) among healthcare workers; and a study from Nigeria about rising mental health problems (including alcohol) among students…

Alcohol issues from our Big Alcohol Watch expose alcohol industry interference in the policy making of Western Cape in South Africa; and the insidious marketing practices during the pandemic in Australia…

This week’s Special Feature covers the World Health Organization’s extensive consultation process to develop a global action plan in order to improve the implementation of the WHO Global Alcohol Strategy; the submissions to the first consultation stage have been released and Member States are getting ready for regional consultation meetings with WHO…

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Special Feature – Week 8: 

Policy action to prevent and reduce alcohol harm is uneven in WHO member states and after 10 years since its adoption implementation of the WHO Global Alcohol Strategy (GAS) is not on par with the magnitude of the global alcohol burden. Therefore, in the Executive Board meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) held in February 2020, Member States called for accelerated action to tackle alcohol harm, as per decision  EB146 (14).

Now, the World Health Organization is conducting an extensive a consultation process, consisting of different stages and open for multiple stakeholders to develop a global action plan for more effective implementation of the WHO Global Alcohol Strategy.

The submissions to the first consultation stage have now been released, as regional consultation meeting with Member States get underway.

Alcohol Issues Podcast Ep.11

“Changing the alcohol norm: The potential of digital communities and alcohol-free challenges”

In this special edition, the Alcohol Issues Podcast host Maik Dünnbier is joined by Kristina Sperkova, the President of Movendi International and the moderator of the Sober Inspiration Talk with Andy and Richard.

Kristina and Maik picked some highlights from the original conversation that they want to share. And they discuss some topics that Richard and Andy raise in more detail and depth.

Source Website: Keep Updated with Movendi International