The municipalities of Botkyrka and Norrtälje in Sweden have saved millions by prioritizing prevention work. Through increased investment for a safe school environment, drug prevention work and parental support these municipalities have reduced the number of violent crime cases and increased the number of youth completing upper secondary school.

The findings come from a socio-economic evaluation of the prevention work in these two municipalities. The evaluation was conducted by Uppsala University on behalf of the Stockholm County Administrative Board.

The costs of violence, ill health and exclusion are large and the impact on both individuals and society is significant,” said Kajsa Lönn Rhodin, development manager at the County Administrative Board Stockholm, as per Accent [translated from Swedish].

Botkyrka and Norrtälje are municipalities that have prioritized prevention work. They have well-structured, coordinated work and knowledgeable staff who know which initiatives and methods have support in research, which plays into the good results.”

Kajsa Lönn Rhodin, development manager, County Administrative Board Stockholm

Key findings from the evaluation:

  • The number of students with a high school diploma increased in Botkyrka since the investment in violence prevention work, with estimated savings of up to SEK 200 million until the individuals reach the age of 65.
  • In Norrtälje, the number of reported crimes decreased since preventive measures in connection with school graduations were put in place, which is estimated to have saved up to SEK 28 million over a ten-year period.
  • The reduced drug use in Norrtälje saves more than SEK 5 million per year.

Actually, it’s quite simple. It does not take much to get results,” said Marita Bertilsson, head of Trygg in Norrtälje municipality, in 2018 when Accent visited the municipality [translated from Swedish].

Consensus, collaboration and common goals are the keys to success. One person cannot do much, but together you can do a lot.”

Marita Bertilsson, head of “Trygg in Norrtälje”

Source Website: Accent [translated from Swedish]