Germany’s first alcohol-free kiosk or “sober Späti” has opened up in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Creators of the kiosk, Katja Kauf and Isabella Steiner, developed it based off the popular late night stores called Späti or Spätkauf.

The creators of the “Späti” kiosk called “Null Prozent” want to promote a positive and inclusive environment around alcohol-free lifestyle choice and sober curiosity. They want to give people the choice of having an alcohol-free product available at any time. So far it is working well. The customers at the newly opened alcohol-free kiosk are varied and only a small percentage are pregnant – a common stereotype in Germany’s alcohol norm, that only specific groups (people in recovery, drivers, and pregnant women) choose to go alcohol-free.

Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram

The success of the first alcohol-free kiosk in Germany’s capital shows that Germans’ attitudes and behaviors surrounding alcohol are changing. There is a need for and interest in more freedom beyond the oppressive alcohol norm in the country.

Katja Kauf and Isabella Steiner have also launched “nü” a compelling onlineshop for alcohol-free products.

Both the store and online shop offer a constant selection of alcohol-free beer, rum, aperitifs, gin, vodka and tequila, as well as alcohol-free wines such as merlot and chardonnay.

Their concept stems from questioning alcohol habits which go unnoticed. The duo also plan to write a book on being mindful on alcohol habits.

Katja Kauf and Isabella Steiner, photo from website

As Movendi International has documented, the interest for alcohol-free lifestyle choices has been growing in Germany. With the rise in awareness of the benefits of an alcohol-free life and lifestyle choices, more Germans have begun exploring this lifestyle. It is estimated that at least one in 15 beers people have in Germany is alcohol-free.

This is good news for Germany which is a country with a pervasive alcohol norm and heavy alcohol harm resulting from it.

People’s interest in the healthier alcohol-free lifestyle has led to an increase in alcohol-free products. According to Marc Oliver Huhnholz of the German Association of Brewers (DBB), Germany’s 1,500 breweries, now produce between 400 to 500 alcohol-free varieties of beer.

Even large international brands have started to create low and no alcohol varieties to suit the consumer trends. Bars and restaurants also offer more variety of alcohol-free products to people. Meanwhile sober bars are becoming a booming business in Germany as well as across the world. For example, the “Zeroliq” bar in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin is an alcohol-free bar.

The creators of the alcohol-free kiosk believe the trend for the alcohol-free lifestyle will continue to grow in 2021.

We believe that 2021 will be the year of non-alcoholic beverages,” said Katja Kauf and Isabella Steiner, creators of the alcohol-free kiosk in Berlin, Germany, as per I Am Expat.

Katja Kauf and Isabella Steiner, creators, alcohol-free kiosk in Berlin, Germany

[This article was updated on April 21, 2021 as per new information from The Local]


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