The World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe and the International Agency for Cancer Research have released a brand new factsheet about alcohol and cancer.

This factsheet provides five important facts for policy makers, health professionals and the general public about the links between alcohol consumption and a range of cancer types.

This affects not only people who consume alcohol but also their families, friends and communities.

  1. Alcohol causes at least seven types of cancer.
  2. The most common types of cancer due to alcohol are different for men and women.
  3. The risk of cancer from alcohol consumption increases from the first alcoholic drink.
  4. Using tobacco as well as alcohol multiplies cancer risks.
  5. Cancers due to alcohol consumption are preventable.

The factsheet emphasizes that implementation of WHO ‘Best Buy’ policies to make alcohol less affordable, to ban or restrict alcohol marketing across all types of media, and to reduce alcohol availability can support the reduction of alcohol consumption and ultimately of cancers due to alcohol consumption. This will help progress towards a WHO SAFER European Region, free from harm due to alcohol.

Total cancer deaths in Europe caused by alcohol
Alcohol caused almost 92,000 cancer deaths in the WHO European Region in 2018.
Breast cancer deaths caused by alcohol
In 2018 alcohol caused approximately 12,100 deaths from breast cancer in females.
Colorectal cancer deaths caused by alcohol
In 2018 alcohol caused approximately 28,200 deaths from colorectal cancer in males.

The factsheet was launched as part of European Week Against Cancer 2021.

Source Website: WHO Europe