November 1 – 5, 2021

Welcome to No. 34 of the weekly Alcohol Issues Newsletter with carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest highlights from our science digest, brand new Big Alcohol revelations and an upcoming event alert.
This week’s special feature explores how (digital) alcohol marketing targets and harms children – an important topic as the pandemic has further increased the time children spend in the digital world, exposing them even more to alcohol industry tactics.

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Special Feature – No. 34

How (Digital) Alcohol Marketing Targets and Harms Children

As children increasingly live in a digital world, the growing use of digital media means the alcohol industry can find even easier and more invasive ways to target and expose children to alcohol marketing. Big Alcohol is investing aggressively in the deployment of ever more online strategies to capture children and young people as customers.

The social media companies, such as Facebook and Tik Tok, are allies of the alcohol industry in the drive to harvest data, target children, and expose under-age to an avalanche of alcohol promotions.

That is the topic of Special Feature No. 34. And we offer solutions in the stories below.

Alcohol Issues Podcast – Season 2 Episode 1

How the Alcohol Industry Misrepresents the Truth About Alcohol and Cardiovascular Health

Alcohol’s harm on cardiovascular health is arguably the area where scientific knowledge and public awareness have progressed most slowly in the last decade. In addition to inaction, the myth of alcohol’s benefits for cardiovascular health persists. And in policy making processes this misunderstanding is a critical impediment to accelerating action on alcohol as public health priority. But this is changing.

In this episode of the Alcohol Issues Podcast host Maik Dünnbier welcomes Mark Petticrew and May van Schalkwyk to explore why change is needed and how it can be further accelerated.

  • Mark is Professor of Public Health Evaluation in the Department of Social and Environmental Health Research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is Director of the NIHR Public Health Research Unit.
  • May is Specialist Registrar in Public Health and (NIHR) National Institute for Health Research Doctoral Research Fellow at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, researching the commercial determinants of health.

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