Energy drink company, Monster Beverage Corp, is joining Big Alcohol with their aquisition of Canarchy Craft Brewery Collective. The new aquisition by Monster renews concerns about the mixing of energy drinks and alcohol which is very harmful specially for teens.
Sugary drinks corporations investing in the alcohol industry is a growing trend.

In the latest harmful mix in the alcohol industry, Monster Beverage Corp acquires Canarchy Craft Brewery Collective. The $330 million aquisition will give Monster powers over Canarchy’s craft brewers including Cigar City, Oskar Blues, Deep Ellum, Perrin Brewing, Squatters and Wasatch. 

The aquistion gives Monster a ready made platform to join the alcohol industry including infrastructure, people, distribution and licenses, alcoholic beverage development experience and manufacturing capabilities.

This new aquisition gives rise to concerns over the harmful effects of mixing energy drinks with alcohol. As Movendi International has reported previously, researchers had found that mixing energy drinks with alcohol is like cocaine to adolscent brains.

Another report from Australia’s Victoria state government found that students who mix energy drinks with alcohol display higher risk taking behavior, such as problem gambling, heavy alcohol use or illicit drug use, and report more mental health problems. 

Big Alcohol and Big Sugar Spells Big Harm

Recently other sugary drinks multinationals have invested more in alcohol, pursuing profits from addictive products.

Coca Cola is joining Big Alcohol in a stage-wise approach. As Movendi International previously reported, this high sugar beverage giant has released alcohol products in Japan, U.K., and is pursuing a wine business as well. Recently, The Coca-Cola Co. entered into an agreement with Constellation Brands, Inc. to introduce Fresca branded mixed cocktails.

Meanwhile, Pepsi Co. is capitalizing on the at-home alcohol use during the pandemic and launched a new line of cocktail mixers last year. In August, PepsiCo, Inc. and The Boston Beer Co. entered into an agreement to introduce Hard Mountain Dew. 

These multinationals are already increasing the NCD burden with their exsiting products. They appear to be looking for a chunk of profits by joining up with Big Alcohol and further fueling the already massive alcohol harm and NCDs burden in the world.


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