This special feature exposes Big Alcohol’s fundamental conflict of interest. We demonstrate how contrary to what the alcohol industry claims about wanting to reduce heavy alcohol use, alcohol companies profit the most from people with heavy alcohol use.

Alcohol companies rely on heavy alcohol users for major profits

Increased alcohol consumption leads to increased negative health and development impacts, but also to increased sales for the alcohol industry, placing corporate interests in profit maximization in an inherent, direct, and fundamental conflict with the interest of people and communities in good health and development.

This Alcohol Issues Special Feature explores five key examples from around the world that illustrate Big Alcohol’s fundamental conflict of interest.

A compelling new report finds that the alcohol industry profits the most out of those who use alcohol the heaviest. Over a third of all alcohol products in Australia are used by 5% of the heaviest alcohol users.

The findings of the report demonstrate the fundamental conflict of interest the alcohol industry has. Often Big Alcohol claims it does not promote heavy use, knowing fully well that large parts of their profits come from heavy alcohol consumption.

There are three other examples from around the world illustrating the obvious conflict of interest between the private profit maximization interests of the alcohol industry and the public interest in health and development for all.

  1. Middle-income countries: Big Alcohol Relies on Heavy Users For Their Profits
  2. Study: How Dependent is the Alcohol Industry on Heavy Alcohol Use in England?
  3. USA: Big Alcohol Dependent on Heavy Users

Source Website: Alcohol Issues Newsletter - No. 10