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This week’s special feature dives into community action against alcohol industry exploitation.
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Alcohol Issues April 25 – April 29, 2022

This week’s Alcohol Issues highlights

  • Fiscal Policy Reform Creates Roadmap for Alcohol Tax Increase in Vietnam
  • The Impact of Lower Strength Alcohol Products on Alcohol Purchases in Britain
  • Alcohol Industry Practices During COVID-19 Drive Rise in Home Alcohol Use in Africa

This week’s most popular stories

  • Utrip Brings UN Prevention Initiative to Quarter of Slovenia’s Population
  • U.S. Regulator Bans Big Alcohol From Specific Health-Related Marketing Claims
  • Amid Historic Low of Alcohol Taxes, Duty Rate Falls Even Below Marijuana Taxes in the U.S.

Special Feature – No. 15

People and Communities Take Action Against Big Alcohol

Community action is one of ten action areas outlined in the WHO Global Alcohol Strategy, highlighting how important community involvement is for preventing and reducing the harm caused by the alcohol industry.

And there are inspiring examples of heart-driven people, community groups, civil society organizations, and social movements taking action against the exploitation they see their communities face due to Big Alcohol’s unethical practices.

Examples of community action from around the world show what is possible and how much people care for protecting their communities from alcohol harm – despite facing a giant industry.

The Alcohol Issues Podcast

S2 E7: Lessons From Big Tobacco: How and Why Big Alcohol Created Social Aspects Public Relations Organizations

A new groundbreaking study changes our understanding of the alcohol industry, elucidating similarities and inter-relationships with the tobacco industry.

The researchers examined the Truth Tobacco Documents Library to gain unique insights into the alcohol industry’s social aspects organizations. They analyzed content directly from industry actors themselves. This way, the researchers can tell the story of how and why Big Alcohol began creating public relations, and front groups.

This podcast episode with Jim McCambridge is part of Movendi International’s work to raise awareness about the unethical practices of the alcohol industry and how to advance public health-oriented alcohol policy solutions.

Source Website: Keep Updated with Movendi International