Douglas A. Gentile (email:, Brooke J. Arterberry, Patrick K. Bender and Kristi A. Costabile


Douglas A. Gentile, et al., (2019) Addictive Behaviors Reports,

Addictive Behaviors Report
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Beer Advertisements and Adolescent Drinking Knowledge, Expectancies, and Behavior

Research article



(1) To examine the degree to which overall beer advertising expenditure is related to youth brand awareness, preferences, and alcohol use behavior, and (2) to use multiple methods, including individual brand awareness and expectancies, to gain a broader understanding of the effects of alcohol advertising on youth alcohol-related expectancies and behavior.


Mixed psychological and advertising methods were used to examine how beer advertising is related to adolescents’ beer brand awareness, expectancies, and behavior. 1588 7–12th graders were surveyed in two U.S. states.


The amount of money spent advertising beer brands was positively correlated with adolescents’ brand awareness, preference, use, and loyalty behavior (all correlations above 0.65). Moreover, beer advertising-related variables predicted adolescents’ intention to use alcohol and actual alcohol consumption, independent of peer and parent alcohol-related behavior and attitudes.


The results show that overall levels of advertising expenditures were strong predictors of adolescents’ beer brand awareness, preferences, use, and brand loyalty. Moreover, advertising-related variables were substantial predictors of adolescents’ intention to use alcohol as an adult and current underage alcohol use behavior. Together, the present findings suggest that previous work may have underestimated the relationship between alcohol advertising and adolescents’ alcohol use behavior

Source Website: Eucam