There are vast gaps in mental health care in the Slovak healthcare system with many people not receiving necessary treatment for anxiety and alcohol use disorders.
These unmet mental health and social care needs constitute human rights violations…


Alexandra Brazinova, Jozef Hasto, Itzhak Levav and Soumitra Pathare


Brazinova, A., Hasto, J., Levav, I. et al. Mental Health Care Gap: The Case of the Slovak Republic. Adm Policy Ment Health 46, 753–759 (2019).

Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research
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Mental Health Care Gap: The Case of the Slovak Republic

Research article


This study explored unmet mental health and social care needs in the Slovak Republic and their adverse human rights consequences.

The researchers estimated the treatment gap for persons aged 15–64 years in 2015 affected by depressive, anxiety, substance use and schizophrenic disorders by comparing local treatment prevalence rates with population estimated rates for Europe.

  • Two-thirds of people with depressive disorders were not receiving treatment.
  • Over 80% of those with anxiety disorders and alcohol dependence were not receiving treatment.
  • There was no treatment gap for persons with schizophrenia.
  • 51% of those eligible for disability pension on the grounds of mental disorders failed to receive it.

The researchers discuss the implications of the estimated gaps in mental health and social care and consequent human rights violations that may result from the current system of mental health care in Slovakia.

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