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Crowd funding challenge for Movendi International's 170th anniversary.

Exactly 170 years ago, a number of heart-driven people formed Movendi in the United States. Since then, July 11, 1851, we have helped to improve the lives of millions of people through our work. Thousands of communities around the world have benefited from our effort to prevent and reduce alcohol harm.

Celebrating our anniversary year, we want to give you the opportunity to contribute to our work and donate to our Anniversary Campaign 170.

What your donation supports

Your gift contributes to our work so that we can accelerate and expand our efforts to protect the most vulnerable from the harm caused by the products and practices of the alcohol industry and to replace the alcohol norm with healthier and more inclusive social norms.

  • Our work supports people worldwide to live up to their full potential and to lead a rich, free and healthy life.
  • We create alcohol-free environments and sober safe spaces for children and youth.
  • We spread knowledge and raise awareness about the real harm caused by the products and practices of the alcohol industry.
  • We provide protection and support to children from families with alcohol problems.
  • We promote the rights of women affected by alcohol violence.
  • We help people to overcome and recover from alcohol addiction.
  • And we expose and counter-act the alcohol industry.
  • Our work advances high-impact alcohol policy solutions around the world.

How you can support

Every donation will be doubled by a group of donors that supports Movendi International’s Anniversary Campaign 170.

Please donate what you can give.

We have two easy and reliable ways for you to contribute.

  • Bank: Handelsbanken
  • Account owner: The Millennium Fund
  • Account number: 900557648
  • Clearing number: 6129
  • BIC/ IBAN: HANDSESS/SE06 6000 0000 0009 0055 7648

How Movendi International’s Anniversary Campaign 170 works

Our crowd funding challenge for Movendi International’s 170th anniversary.

Let’s raise €50.000 together to support the future work of Movendi International.

The Crowd-Funding Challenge

A group of 20 supporters has initiated a crowd-funding challenge to strengthen the future work of Movendi International by increasing the capital capital of the Millennium Fund.

The group had donated €20,000 together as the basis for the crowd-funding challenge.

This donation of the “challengers group” provides the pool from which each additional donation is being matched. For every €1 that someone wants to contribute, the “challenger group” matches this donation.

The goal is to reach the maximum of €40.000 with the ultimate ambition to reach even beyond the matching sum and crowd-fund €50.000 for Movendi International’s unique work.

The Millennium Fund

The Millennium Fund was created before the turn of the millennium in 2000 to ensure the long-term opportunities for the Movendi International to accelerate and expand its work in the future. The Fund aims to enable Movendi International to operate more financially independent in the future.

The share capital in the late 1990s was provided by several large member organizations and the Fund established by Lars and Solveig Spjuth within Movendi International. In the first years of the new millennium, more money was raised.

The Fund is governed by an independent board, called Trustees, which guarantees that the money is used for the right purpose and that the capital is managed in the right way. Dividends from the Fund are made from the return after the capital has been added to a sum corresponding to inflation. So far, contributions from the Fund have been given to support Movendi International’s work and to scholarships for participants in the World Congresses.

A few of the 20 crowd funding campaign supporters

  • Andrine Winther, current IOGT-NTO Movement Development Work Chairperson,
  • Anna Carlstedt, former IOGT-NTO President,
  • Helge Kolstad, former Movendi International President,
  • Johnny Mostacero, current IOGT-NTO President,
  • Maik Dünnbier, current Director of Strategy and Advocacy, Movendi International
  • Rolf Hüllinghorst, former Board Member Movendi International,
  • Sven-Olov Carlsson, former Movendi International President,
  • Åke Marcusson, former Movendi International President

Our Call

We ask you as an individual and the member organizations to help us build up the Fund’s capital in the long term so that we can secure the future work of Movendi International. Each contribution is important because it is always added to the capital so that dividends from the Fund’s return in the long run can increase. A contribution to the Fund’s capital can thus pay dividends year after year after year.