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BLOG: Pregnancy, Alcohol – The Facts

No amount of alcohol is safe for a growing embryo and fetus, which can develop extensive brain damage and physical abnormalities from exposure to alcohol. The cause and consequences of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder have been known for 40 years, yet the disorder continues to afflict millions of people worldwide. FASD is preventable. However, one major obstacle to prevention is lack of awareness of the disorder’s existence and of risks associated with alcohol intake during pregnancy…

BLOG: Who Drives Alcohol Prevention Research Agenda In Africa?

Reflections from the WPA 14: Of the 120 plenary talks, scientific presentations and posters used a word like “alcohol”, “drug” or “substance use” in their titles. I found only 2. Perhaps the real question should be, where are the researchers and are they paying attention?

BLOG: Together For Women And Girls

Gender-based violence is one the gravest Human Rights violations on the face of the earth and yet it is such an abstract term. It’s so abstract that it makes empathy difficult when using it – like many other words that are more concepts to talk about reality, a reality so harsh, that those concepts perpetually fail to also convey the reality they represent. Collateral damage, extreme poverty, xenophobia, gender-based violence…

BLOG: Newest Low: Retailer Claims Alcohol Ads Are Good For Children

Woolworths, Australia’s largest packaged liquor retailer, was responding to criticism that advertising material at the store might encourage under-age alcohol use. And in that very submission they reached a new low point in putting profits over Human Rights:
Woolworths made the claim that exposing children to alcohol advertising helps protect them from ”the seductive powers of capitalism”.

BLOG: Ending Gender-Based Violence In Public Spaces

The prevalence of these forms of violence make the public space a restricted area for women and girls, eliminating freedom and the human right to participate in the cultural and social life of a community. Alcohol harm, like gender-based violence in public spaces, clearly is a threat to democracy and a rich, fulfilled, free life…

NEWS: Big Alcohol Exposed: DrinkWise Merely Industry Puppet

A new study has revealed how the alcohol industry is using its Drinkwise organisation to create an impression of social responsibility while promoting measures for which there is little evidence of impact and are unlikely to hurt profits. A research team from Deakin University’s School of Psychology examined submissions to the Australian National Preventative Health Taskforce (NPHT) to determine which organisations or individuals discussed positive relationships or work by Drinkwise. They found that all the submissions mentioning Drinkwise were submitted by the alcohol industry or its affiliates as evidence of their social responsibility or in recommending actions that are likely to benefit their bottom line.