Comprehensive framework catalyzing development through alcohol prevention

FLOURISH is our comprehensive framework of evidence-based and high-impact solutions to catalyze development for all by tackling pervasive alcohol harm.

Our experience of working in communities around the world and our analysis of global scientific research shows that comprehensive alcohol prevention is a powerful catalyst for health and development for all. We call our comprehensive framework for alcohol prevention: FLOURISH.

Alcohol harm is among the foremost underlying causes of premature death, disease, injury and violence, disability and quality of life years lost. The alcohol damage reaches far beyond health concerns.

10 Sec
Leading Global Killer
Every 10 seconds, alcohol kills a human being. Alcohol’s death toll is 3 million people per year.
  1. Alcohol adversely affects 14 of 17 SDgs and all dimensions of sustainable development.
  2. Globally, alcohol consumption is the fifth leading risk factor for premature death and disability;
  3. Among people between the ages of 15 and 49, alcohol is the number one risk factor.

Alcohol harm is pervasive. Alcohol harms:

  • Human beings’ potential,
  • Families’ wellbeing,
  • Communities’ resilience,
  • Cocio-economic prosperity,
  • Sustainable development, and
  • Global justice and Human Rights.

By tackling all aspects of alcohol harm with our comprehensive framework FLOURISH, we ensure transformative change and sustainable results.

Therefore, we are working in communities around the world and with leaders on all levels to build capacity for alcohol prevention and harness the potential of FLOURISH as catalyst for health and development.

4 reasons why we developed the FLOURISH framework

We developed the FLOURISH framework to:

  1. Formalize the most comprehensive package of solutions that are applicable in communities worldwide to tackle pervasive alcohol harm and in doing so achieve transformative change;
  2. Provide an analysis of alcohol harm and offer specific solutions for concrete and interconnected problems;
  3. Empower and build capacity for integrated approaches to all or some of the aspects of the alcohol burden in order to best serve people and communities;
  4. Provide options within the framework that allow policymakers flexibility to shape a response suitable for their national/local contexts and target populations.

The 5 FLOURISH domains

Across the five FLOURISH domains, there are eight evidence-based intervention areas that each contain a set of concrete best practices.
A comprehensive approach to alcohol harm addresses the Policy domain in an integrated manner together with the Support domain, the Alcohol industry domain, and the Awareness as well as the Alcohol norm domains.
Action on the population, community and individual levels need to be integrated in order to achieve transformative change regarding alcohol harm.
Therefore, leaders should ensure best practice interventions from all domains are employed in the effort to prevent and reduce alcohol harm and catalyze health and development for all. These interventions can be developed and implemented to fit regional, national and local contexts and populations.

Facilitate implementation and enforcement of alcohol policy best buys

Leverage the Alcohol in All Policies approach for the era of sustainable development

Offer treatment and rehabilitation for all, including self-help groups and family clubs

Utilize Screening and Brief Interventions systematically in primary healthcare

Regulate and restrict the economic forces promoting and profiting from alcohol use

Increase public recognition and literacy of unethical practices of the alcohol industry

Sensitize public awareness of the real harms and costs of alcohol, including harm to others

Harness the potential of alcohol-free norms, settings and environments