Always on the road, always online, always heart-driven. Our staff travels the world to support our members and work hand-in-hand with our partners in order to promote Human Rights and democracy, justice, health and well-being, socio-economic prosperity and sustainable development.

We work to build civil society capacity. And we work to empower decision-makers to develop and implement evidence-based alcohol policy solutions to achieve development for all.

Meet our team in the International Office

Executive Director
Esbjörn Hörnberg

Learn more about Esbjörn’s leadership here.

Director of Strategy and Advocacy
Maik Dünnbier

Learn more about Maik’s leadership here.

Mobilisation and Campaign Coordinator
Ariadna Sanchez Codern

Learn more about Ariadna here.

Strategic Partnerships Officer
Runa Neely

Learn more about Runa here.

Alcohol Policy Advocacy Advisor
Pierre Andersson

Learn more about Pierre here.

Civil Society Coordinator
Angelica Maria Claro Galvez

Learn more about Angelica Maria here.

Administration Officer
Aleksandra Ruminska

On parental leave.

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