We bring together young people from all over Europe to provide a unique platform and environment to empower youth for action to address the challenges of today with innovative solutions to achieve sustainable impact.

EMPOWERFUL is the youth project of Movendi International in Europe.


EMPOWERFUL brings together and empowers young people to shape their surroundings in a way that benefits society and their needs in a sustainable way.

The goal is to empower and inspire young people to respond to the challenges of their communities, feel confident about finding and implementing their solutions and believing they can be the change they want to see in the world.

We facilitate that insight by providing an opportunity for young people to take part in a project where they can reflect on a problem, and subsequently design and realize their own solutions – and all that in an international, multi-cultural and diverse environment.


The EMPOWERFUL project provides inspiration for young people to broaden their perspective and insights and to inspire action through the excitement from new friendships, partnerships, new knowledge and tools and new ideas and realizations. The special atmosphere of EMPOWERFUL is characterized by safe, enabling, encouraging, creative and welcoming settings that allows young people to both get to know themselves and each other.

EMPOWERFUL is a platform for young people, by young people, with young people – an international network of young people, who are each other’s sounding boards, source of different perspectives and motivation to develop themselves and the society around them.

  1. We equip bright young minds, with the skills and expertise to shape their ideas, identify opportunities and realize their vision for a better life.
  2. We bring together young people from various backgrounds and offer an environment where youth can create teams to drive a meaningful change together.


The EMPOWERFUL objectives:

  1. To create a space for young people from various countries that ensures understanding of diversity and inspires cooperation and learning from each other (European values)
  2. To enhance knowledge about current trends, challenges and opportunities in young people’s lives from various countries (Cohesive societies)
  3. To build/ increase skills of young people to cope with the challenges and multiply the “coping mechanisms” among their peers (Enhancing skills)
  4. To shape a network of young people from various countries and backgrounds that will be a supporting and motivating factor in their curiosity, thirst for more knowledge and their future endeavors and drive for change (be it a choice of future studies, jobs, projects etc.)
  5. To engage young people in local initiatives that enhance their quality of living in the societies they live in

Project components and outcomes

EMPOWERFUL consists of two exchange programs (in Sweden and Germany).

48 participants coming from 8 different countries are the participants of the project. The participants are empowered and enabled by both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to engage in their communities and societies and as well influence their closest environment.

The specifics of EMPOWERFUL lie in the combination of abstract learning and practical implementation under the guidance of experts and peers. Learning by doing in its essence. EMPOWERFUL employs state-of-the-art interactive methods to foster leadership in every aspect of the project, creative workshops, small group discussions and role plays that truly empower young people to take a lead for the change they envision.

The outcomes are innovative and creative local initiatives all around Europe that give back to the community by sharing young people’s perspectives on sustainability, healthy lifestyles and active citizenship driven by positive values of inclusion and equality.


The impact we work heart-driven to bring about is young people as change-makers and community leaders contributing to more vibrant, more inclusive, more youth-friendly local environments, characterized by creative space and open dialogue between different generations and groups. EMPOWERFUL also brings the European dimension closer to the individual and their communities and in this way making the foreign more familiar and the perceived far away more relevant.

The impact of EMPOWERFUL is the development of

  • positive perceptions of diversity,
  • skills to navigate encounters and discussions with people who hold different beliefs and convictions as well as the same ideas and opinions,
  •  deeper understanding of human rights, equality and democracy
  • capacities to pursue sustainable development goals in their communities.

The impact of the EMPOWERFUL project is further the facilitation of

  •  positive and self-reflected behavioral changes based on critical thinking compared to impulsive consumerism and instant gratification.

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