Movendi originated in North America, more specifically in Utica, New York, USA and spread from there around the world. Today, the Movendi movement is represented through four Member Organizations in two countries of the Americas.


Centros De Integración Juvenil

Associated Member

Centros de Integración Juvenil, A.C. (CIJ) is a non-profit organization with the aim to address drug use among youth as a result of the emergence of drug dependence as a public health problem.

CIJ attends continuously to the problem of addictions in Mexico, offering prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services, along with scientific research on drug use in the country.

CIJ’s mission is to provide prevention and treatment services that address drug use which are based on scientific knowledge and to develop specialized human resources.

CIJ works towards the vision of continued supply of quality services in prevention, treatment, research and training in addiction at national and international levels in response to existing epidemiological trends.

CIJ’s objectives are to contribute to demand reduction of legal and illegal drugs, in order to improve the public awareness and knowledge about this health problem.

United States of America


Full member

IOGT-USA is an organization of men and women of all ages who promote the ideals of temperance, peace and brotherhood. IOGT-USA is a voluntary, democratic organization based on the work of heart-driven people. IOGT promotes cultural and educational activities for the benefit of all.

IOGT-USA recognizes that a global approach must be taken to social problems. For this reason, IOGT-USA is engaged in outreach and development work and promotes the principles of human dignity, democracy, tolerance and justice at all levels of society.