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We're a global social movement of half a million people who take Human Rights seriously; so seriously that we dedicate with our daily lifestyle choices to building a world of peace, justice and democracy where human rights are enjoyed by all.

The Movendi Way

What we do and how we do it, is who we are. With over 160 years worth of experience from heart-driven community action and advocacy, the Movendi way is to lead by example. We are true to our values and words and promote a richer, freer, happier and healthier life with our own lifestyle choices, every day.


We are the largest global social movement for development through alcohol prevention.


Our programs promote human well-being, development and dignity, democracy at all levels, equality and justice. They are designed to harness the potential of every human being, support families, strengthen communities, and develop societies - to reach development for all through tackling alcohol harm comprehensively.


We are passionate about sharing and our know-how and expertise on a consultancy basis. Movendi International is now offering to share our nearly 170-year long expertise in value-driven advocacy, community mobilisation, civil society capacity building, and brand development to support other organisations, networks, companies and individuals.

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Privacy Policy

Movendi International values the protection and confidentiality of your personal data. Therefore, we comply with applicable data privacy legislation in relation to processing personal data...

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