Joining the global Movendi movement means that your organization is part of leading the change. With Movendi, your organization is at the forefront of prevention and global health promotion as well as a comprehensive approach to fostering sustainable development. Together we work heart-driven and make transformative change happen.

The Movendi membership benefits are plenty and can be summarized like this:

  1. You have an effective advocacy representation:
    As your global umbrella, we put alcohol and other drug-related issues high on the political agenda and ensure they are mainstreamed into all relevant policy areas.
  2. Together we get things rolling:
    Why work alone for a better world? In our thematic working groups, we facilitate interactive exchange and conversation about “hot” topics relating to alcohol and other drugs.
  3. Together with one voice:
    Movendi International articulates your interests and represents them in public and in political processes. We advocate effectively and based on the latest science and communicate in strategic and innovative ways.
  4. Learning from one another, growing with each other:
    Movendi International offers a vast resource of know-how and expertise that all members can benefit from.
  5. Knowing the state of the art of crucial political issues:
    We work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve. You will be informed and invited to discuss latest developments in alcohol and other drug policy issues.

In more detail Movendi membership benefits are described here:


Movendi International Member Organizations enjoy a number of benefits with regard to exclusive access to the decision-making processes and bodies of the Movendi movement. These are:

  • Being an equal part and sharing the heritage of the global Movendi family and movement with its value foundation and historic achievements.
  • Exercising Voting rights at the Movendi International World Congresses and deciding about the direction and work of Movendi International, its policy positions and electing the International Board.
  • Membership in Movendi International Expert Working Groups.

Expert Working Group meetings are convened to bring together members and exchange best practices for mutual inspiration, to coordinate innovative approaches to current issues, to device strategies and actions concerning specific challenges, and to support the International Board.

Currently Movendi International hosts two Expert Working Groups:

  1. Junior Core Group
  2. Rehab Core Group

Movement, Community, Exchangeprojects_2

Movendi International Member Organizations enjoy a number of benefits with regard to exclusive access to the vast platform of exchange and inspiration, best practices, innovative approaches and high-level know-how from within our global movement and community.

This network of resources offers tremendous benefits to Movendi Member Organizations, such as:

  • Getting access to joining innovative regional and global projects for sustainable development, women’s and child rights, Human Rights in general, for alcohol policy advocacy and other relevant issues.
  • Participation in virtual and real-life exchanges of best practices from among the Movendi membership.
  • Enjoying a huge treasure of low-threshold activities for individuals, families, and communities, including know-how about their preparation, adaptation to different circumstances, implementation, evaluation and follow-up.
  • Availability of the Movendi Help Desk – a service of the International Office for Member Organizations, where our experts are on hand for the very latest updates, views or tailored expertise relevant to enhancing the work of your NGO.

Advocacy Expertise And ServicesAdvocacy

Movendi International Member Organizations benefit from exclusive access to state of the art services and expertise for impactful advocacy and campaigning.

Movendi International Member Organizations enjoy a number of benefits with regard to the high-level expertise in a number of areas, that make available for our members:

  • Movendi Calendar – helping you stay informed with a worldwide overview of high-level events, stakeholder opportunities and UN Observances
  • Consultancy on: Advocacy strategizing (including analysis of target group) and advocacy facilitation, enabling value-driven advocacy
  • Policy analysis service
  • Research and writing service
  • Consultancy on: Advocacy campaign: concept and strategy
  • Policy coordination webinars – regular meetings open to all Member Organizations, to share information, discuss relevant political processes and create policy positions and strategies
  • Movendi Advocacy Capacity Program (ACP) – Run twice a year and free of charge for Movendi International members

The ACP is a series of capacity-building seminars designed to train participants on successful advocacy. Stay tuned for upcoming seminars.

Organizational DevelopmentOrganizationalDevelopment

Movendi International Member Organizations enjoy a number of benefits with regard to exclusive access to the state of the art know-how in organisational development.

With over 160 years worth of experience in building, strengthening, and developing civil society organizations around the world, Movendi International is a premier expert for how to build and run thriving and innovative grass-roots organizations.
We work hand in hand with our Member Organizations to help them develop.

The membership benefits we offer are:

  • Movendi Opportunity Alerts – Realtime e-mail alerts to Member Organizations on latest funding opportunities for NGOs, as well as on scholarships and invitations to prestigious events
  • Financial support for innovative and marquee projects and initiatives to promote Movendi values and ideals
  • Access to know-how about building, strengthening and developing democratic civil society organizations, working from a rights-based approach
  • Consultancy on: Operational planning, risk analysis, and result-based management in NGOs

Brand BuildingCommunication

Movendi International Member Organizations enjoy access to state of the art advice and assistance for analysing the organisational identity and developing the organisational brand.

Movendi International Member Organizations enjoy a number of benefits with regard to brand building and identity narration for civil society organizations, such as:

  • Promotion of your success stories to a global and high-profile audience
  • Consultancy: Analysis of external communication for grass-roots organizations
  • Consultancy: Brand development for heart-driven NGOs
  • Assistance with external communication strategy, including social media strategy

Exposing Big AlcoholBigAlcohol

Movendi International is the premier global network to effectively work towards curbing Big Alcohol.

The alcohol industry produces and promotes harmful products. It is manufacturing disease and has accumulated so much financial and political power that it can block and alter public policies that protect Human Rights and that promote sustainable development, social justice and public health because they would threaten its profits.

Big Alcohol – consisting of producers, distributors, retailers and marketers of alcohol products – is a big buddy of Big Tobacco and has over the years and all over the world accumulated a track record of opposing and undermining evidence-based, high-impact policy measures that would promote health, well being and social progress.

Movendi International Member Organizations enjoy access to state of the art advice and assistance for how to expose the practices of the alcohol industry in communities and countries around the world:

  • Taking active part in countering the practices of the alcohol industry through our heart-driven efforts
  • Big Alcohol Monitor – regular updates about the Human Rights abuses of the alcohol industry from around the world
  • Advice and assistance with exposing the tactics of the alcohol industry in your community
  • Support in empowering decision-makers and opinion leaders to exclude Big Alcohol from public policy-making processes