We stand for comprehensive solutions that are catalysts for health and development for all.

Alcohol is a major obstacle to development – on personal, community, societal and global level.

But solutions are available.

  1. Scientifically unimpeachable,
  2. Proven and evidence-based,
  3. High-impact and cost-effective.

We partner with decision-makers and opinion leaders at all levels to facilitate comprehensive solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems – scientifically unimpeachable, proven and evidence-based as well as high-impact and cost-effective solutions that address all aspects of the alcohol burden.

FLOURISH Framework

Comprehensive alcohol prevention solutions

Comprehensive alcohol prevention is a powerful catalyst for development for all.

FLOURISH is our comprehensive framework to tackle pervasive alcohol harm.

SAFER Technical Package

WHO’s best buy alcohol policy solutions

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Alcohol Policy Best Buy Solutions World Map

World map of best buy alcohol policy solutions

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UN Publications Database

Chronological overview of key UN system resources on alcohol harm and policy

This page is a comprehensive database of key UN-system publications relating to alcohol harm and alcohol policy solutions.