It’s global. It’s interactive. It’s about the thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams of young leaders.

The Sober Youth Hub is a Movendi International program to bring together bright young leaders from Movendi International Member Organizations from all around the world to foster cooperation, exchange, and capacity building on all topics related to the alcohol-free way of life, the alcohol norm, and alcohol policy change – from a youth perspective.


Sober Youth Hub is a program for young people, with young people and by young people to:

  1. Find innovative and fun ways to promote the benefits of the alcohol-free way of life – from the perspective of young change makers.
  2. Exchange youth perspectives and best practices in questioning and replacing the harmful alcohol norms and to counter-act the predatory practices of alcohol companies.
  3. Build capacity for young people to drive alcohol policy change. 


The overarching objective of the Sober Youth Hub program is to bring youth from Movendi International Member Organizations closer together.

  • Get to know each other and build partnerships,
  • Discuss, identify, and capture youth perspectives on the benefits of going alcohol-free,
  • Foster youth leadership and innovation for the response to the alcohol norm and alcohol industry practices, and
  • Facilitate youth engagement for transformative alcohol policy change.

Project components and outcomes

In 2021, the Sober Youth Hub took on the challenge of communicating sober vibes and how to promote the alcohol-free way of life as the lifestyle of the 21st century: healthy, inclusive, sustainable and welcoming. 

Sober Youth Hub collaborated with “Extraordinary” – a teambuilding company that provides platforms for and facilitation of cooperation, knowledge exchange and idea creation. 

Each meeting gave young people the chance to meet their peers from various countries, get to know each other, cooperate in smaller international teams and as a result – create, develop and implement their own project ideas built on the discussed topics.

The team

The program was led by eight young leaders from Movendi International youth organisations.

The Sober Youth Hub is led by a diverse team of bright young minds from around the world. In 2021, leaders hailed from Sweden, Bosnia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Norway, and Kenya.

The activities

In 2021, Sober Youth Hub organized three idea brewery meetings in July, September and November.

Each of these workshops gave young people the chance to cooperate with their peers, brainstorm on the topics related to the alcohol-free way of life and alcohol policy, as well as to create their own projects as a result of the workshops and interactions.

The workshops were organized in the form of a Dragon’s Den Pitch where with a help of a card game and an online platform, the participants were able to discuss the given topic in smaller international groups. One topic was for example: ‘’Exposing the Alcohol Industry’’.

As a result, the participants developed their project ideas and pitched these to an international jury. The best project idea won financial support from Movendi International to support full-scale implementation.

The participants

A group of 40 young people who are up to 30 years old coming from member organizations of Movendi International participated in the 2021 Sober Youth Hub.

They all successfully completed an application process.

Join us! 

If you are, or if you know of, a young change maker passionate about the alcohol-free way of life, spreading sober vibes, replacing the alcohol norm, counter-acting Big Alcohol, and advocating for alcohol policy change, let us know, get in touch, and get involved.

The Sober Youth Hub is for you and your friends and all the fabulous ideas, the big and small questions you have and your curiosity about people from other parts and places and cultures of the world.

Please send an email to info [at]