every 25th copyThe “Inspire Freedom – Together for women and girls – every 25th” is our community action campaign to promote the rights of girls and women and to end gender-based violence, by preventing alcohol violence. In doing so we contribute to a life set free for all girls and women.

We inspire freedom through local actions and we do it together in our global movement of Movendi International – from Reykjavik to New Delhi, to Nairobi, Mexico City and Bangkok.

This Comunity Action Guide to Inspire Freedom provides a clockwork of activities – different actions that drive and support each other like cogwheels. It offers all participants opportunities to combine them as they see fit.

Clockwork of actions IFPictogram ClockWorkBlue

We provide five different types of actions:

  1. Mixing the Magic Drink and giving it out
  2. Taking photos and Pasting photos
  3. Organizing a flash mob
  4. Rallying support by collecting signatures
  5. Advocacy meetings on all levels.

These five different actions offer plenty of creative combinations to mix and match them, as you see fits your local needs, and conditions: e.g. by combining the Magic Drink action with a Silent Disco flashmob; or the signature collection action with the photo taking activity.

Another brilliant aspect is that each action and each creative combination of actions are easy to implement because they do not demand lots of resources, long planning and many people to help. If you’re on your own, you can be a champion of the Inspire Freedom Campaign as much as if you are a small local group or a huge national NGO.

The clockwork of activities allows you to choose what you are capabale of doing and to implement it according to your resources.

The basic point is: it is the grass roots that matter most. So that each action and each combination of actions can be adjusted to culture and local needs, to allow for local conditions to determine what activity you run and how you implement them.

Magic Drink

magic drinkThe Drink Revolution tastes awesome

Share your recipes and pictures with us, for our global collection of local recipes for the Magic Drink.

The more people show that they drink alcohol-free, the weaker the alcohol norm will become – untill it finally collapses. We have the power to create a new, healthy and stylish culture.

Email the recipes, pictures or videos of your magic drink to our email: magicdrink [at] movendi.ngo

Your products will be gathered and published on our webpage and in a book: “Tastes of orange. Tastes of magic. The Magic Drink world wide”.IFPictogram AlcoholFree

As a hub for the best Magic Drink recipes, the most beautiful pictures of Magic Drink, and your happiest and funniest party moments with Magic Drink we have created a Facebook profile for Magic Drink. Follow, like and share it to be up to date on new recipes, the freshest drinks and the funniest moments from around the world.

Share the pictures, recipes and impressions of your Magic Drink in the social
media using the hashtags: #MagicDrink and #AlcoholFree so our magic drink can go global and viral.


IF pasting

Making public space our art gallery

There is a great initiative going on in the world, launched by French artist JR. He builds on the idea that art can change the world. JR started ”Inside out,” a project that makes it possible for groups of people to point at a problem in their community and bring it to the public space and attention. To show the reality and make everyone understand that it concerns all of us.

Violence against women is a taboo in many societies. Violence connected to alcohol use is very often excused or banalized. It’s time to start talking about it. So, here is the idea:

Let’s paste posters showing faces of those who think that violence against women does not belong to this world.

It is simple and it is fun. Take a picture of a person in a pose as on the picture above (profile orientation, only face and your hands, at least 1MB big).

Email the picture and your post adress to info [at] movendi.ngo. We will send your picture to JR who will print the poster(s) and mail it directly to you.

Paste the posters in your town, neighborhood or village on the upcoming 25th of the month. Make sure that the persons agree to their pictures being pasted. If you are not allowed to paste posters on walls, you can paste them on sidewalks, cardboards, roofs. There are no limits and there is always a way. Imagine posters with the same message popping up all around the world. Remember to document the pasting process, share it on social media and with us.

It’s easy, it’s fun, it looks good and it matters.


IF flashmob

Making public space our stage

The UN has given us the 25th of each month to bring attention to the world-wide epidemic of violence against women. Orange colour is a uniting symbol for this day. We are taking this day to another level by arranging simple and low-cost events or flashmobs.

IFPictogram SilentDiscoWhat about a silent disco on 25th? You announce a day and place and all those who want to take part will bring their own music on their devices including headphones, some orange accessories and the fun can start. Everyone dances to the songs they choose, in their own rhythm, according to their own mood but yet all together for one cause.

It’s a good idea to have some information with facts on alcohol and violence printed for curious passersby. To make it easy for you, we have gathered most relevant facts that you can find on this page or you can download a designed leaflet.

Another very simple and easy to do idea is a flash mob called: ”Cool drink”.
All you need to do is to go out to a restaurant or bar on each 25th and ask for a cool drink.

When a waiter offers you a menu with alcohol, you say: ”I asked for a cool drink not for alcohol. Do you have anything alcohol-free?” Imagine that this happens all over the world on each 25th. After some time the ”cool drink” will be alcohol-free.

Make sure to document this activity, because it can become your own little research about the spread of alcohol-free drinks. Remeber to share the pictures and your stories about how the flashmob went with us.

IF F viewYou can buy our Inspire Freedom T-shirts in our online shop. We will make sure that all the income from the T-shirts will go for Inspire Freedom activities.


IF petition

Public support to inspire freedom

IFPictgram PetitionThere’s hardly any ordinary person who thinks that women and girls should suffer from violence, that they should be harassed and oppressed. It’s important to imagine this because it means that a huge majority of ordinary people in communities around the world, also your community, agrees with the beautiful goal of the Inspire Freedom. Now it is crucial to give all those who agree with Inspire Freedom also the opportunity to support us.

There are at least two ways:
With the activity of a) getting and collecting signatures, and b) taking and gathering as many photographs as possible, we rally people behind our cause to inspire freedom for women and girls together.

We want to do it together with as many people as possible and therefore collecting public support is crucial. You can do this as your Inspire Freedom community action or you can combine this action with others, like the Magic Drink or the Photo pasting.

Also check out the chapter called “Paste” to see how to take photographs best – and then, it’s just to go ahead, and invite people to help you inspire freedom.


IF Advocacy

Spark action with your advocacy

To liberate the billions of women and girls from gender-based violence, political action is needed – and to create political will for it, your advocacy needs to inspire politicians.

IFPictogram AdvocacyThe way to do this is simple: gather signatures and/ or photos and/ or prepare a fact sheet about alcohol violence against women and girls; ask for a meeting with local politicians and take those materials with you; explain to the politician the situation, using the facts and figures but also the signatures and/ or the photos to tell stories about what you know victims of gender-based violence go through.
That way you give yourself a chance to not only speak to the mind of the politician but also to the heart. And it is usually when we act heart-driven that we can accomplish the greatest things.

You’ll see that these meetings are actually fun and meaningful. So, ask more politicians from the local and national level, for a chance to discuss the issue with them. Be sure to follow up on the meetings you already had.

The signatures and photos help you to show that there are many more people who deeply care about the issue and who want urgent action.

We have three simple goals

  1. Make as many politicians express their support for Inspire Freedom (through signa- tures, photos with the Magic Drink or in the pose for the pasting). Each of them becomes an Inspire Freedom Champion.
  2. Conduct as many meetings as possible to put alcohol policy measures on the table in or- der to protect women and girls from violence (see later pages).
  3. More NGOs and other partners (e.g. business) join our cause.

magic drink labelHere is an idea. What about advocating in restaurants for having the Magic Drink logo next to alcohol-free drinks in their menu so alcohol-free is easy to recognize? No more control-question: ”Is this alcohol-free?”

We’ve prepared a host of facts and figures. and an overview of fundamental policy ideas to be implemented – it’s good to hand those to the politician in the end of the meeting.

This advocacy activity to spark political action can be combined with other Inspire Freedom activities like a public event where you give out free Magic Drinks or the Flash mobs – it’s just to invite politicians to join you there, make them taste a Magic Drink, take a photo in support of your Inspire Freedom campaign and discuss with you the alcohol policy ideas.

Inspire Freedom Champions


Public figures inspiring freedom

The Inspire Freedom Champions will make up a global network and Movendi International will make sure to give them special insight into the campaign and our overall Women’s Rights and gender equality work. We offer them a platform to promote important values and be visible with their efforts and concerns for a better world with freedom for all women and girls.

Inspire Freedom Champions are outstanding public figures and organizations and businesses whose values drive them to support Inspire Freedom Campaign. The Inspire Freedom Champions program allows them to enroll as supporters of the goals of Inspire Freedom Campaign.

Who: decision-makers from your community, municipality, country and/ or region; but also other figures of your society that fill a role model and/ or leadership function – they all can be invited by you to support Inspire Freedom Campaign and join as Inspire Freedom Champion.

Why: Harnessing the support from decision-makers and/ or admired role models adds another dimension to our grass-roots global movement.

How: We’ve created an Inspire Freedom Champion Certificate that will be given to each champion you manage to recruit. You can order it under: info [at] movendi.ngo.

Mix And Match - A Myriad Of Possibilities

IFPictogram MixMatchIFPictogram MixMatch_sIFPictogram MixMatchIFPictogram MixMatch


For local activism: A Myriad Of Possibilities

Mix and match according to your needs, pos- sibilities, conditions and imagination. We have already mentioned some tips for mix and match and here are some more ideas:

When you arrange a silent disco, some people will get excited about the topic and would like to contribute with their voice. Take a picture of them for the pasting and invite them for the next pasting event. The pictures can be shared on social media encouraging even more people to join the cause. Silent disco and Magic Drink action also make for a wonderful combination.

When pasting the posters in public spaces, refresh yourself with Magic Drinks and share them with curious passers by. Have the fact sheets ready.

If you have no possibilities to join or arrange one of the suggested activities, you can join us in two ways: – by collecting support among colleagues and friends; and by sharing what the others do in the social media. Just look up our hashtags and click the Like- and Share- button. Each person’s click means exponetio- nal increase in our reach.

We have prepared Inspire Freedom pictograms for you that you can share in your profile on social media.

The Facts

IF facts

Download the fact sheet for free

Globally, one out of three women will be beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime, with rates of abuse reaching 70% in some countries. Up to 80% of violence against women and girls is alcohol related.

Domestic Violence

Europe: 66% of victims were attacked by a person who had used alcohol

UK: Alcohol is involved in 88% of cases involving dual perpetration of violence and 55% of sole perpetrator cases

Argentina: 68% of cases are alcohol related

Rwanda: focus group discussions in rural areas rank alcohol #1 cause

Intimate Partner Violence

Africa, Asia: ca. 65% of women experiencing Intimate partner violence in South Africa, India, Uganda, Vietnam, Zimbabwe report alcohol use by perpetrator

Brazil: 70% of cases alcohol related

USA: 50% of cases involve alcohol Australia: 44% of intimate partner homicide cases associated with alcohol

Economic impact of Gender-Based Violence

Australia: violence against women and children costs an estimated US$11.38 billion per year

In Fiji, the annual estimated cost was US$135.8 million or 7 percent of the Gross Domestic Product in 2002.

Mexico, rural areas: $20 monthly long-lasting increase in wife’s income associated with 15% decrease in husband’s alcohol use and 21% decrease in aggressive behaviour

Economic costs of Intimate partner violence in USA: $12.6 billion yearly (perpetrators consume alcohol in 55% of cases)

Canada: $1.1 billion (perpetrators consume alcohol in 43% of cases)

England and Wales: £5.7 billion, with an extra £17 billion estimated for emotional costs to the victim (perpetrators consume alcohol in 32% of cases)

Children of parents with alcohol use disorder

Europe: 16% of cases of child abuse or neglect involve alcohol

Australia: ca. 34% (1 million) of children live in households with at least one addict

USA: mothers convicted of child abuse are 3x; fathers are 10x more likely to be alcoholics

There are 26 million Children of alcoholics in the USA.

USA: >50% of all abuse reports involve the use of alcohol.

Europe: At least 9 million children grow up with alcohol-addicted parents


Europe: 1 in 5 night life users involved in violence

India: gang rape perpetrators alcohol intoxicated

Australia: 40% of cases of physical and/ or sexual assault of women alcohol related

Cambodia: 83% of beer sellers exposed to unwanted sexual contact

Fact sheet

Download for free: “Inspire Freedom from alcohol violence”

Social Media Campaign

Overview Of Inspire Freedom Hashtags (#)

IFPictogram SocialMedia#MagicDrink


Note: There is a lot to say with 160 characters! Here are some options. Just copy-and-paste them into a tweet.

Happy #OrangeDay! @MovendiInt focuses on ending #VAW by preventing alcohol violence through community action globally within #InspireFreedom campaign

Today is #UNiTE campaign’s #OrangeDay! How do you prevent #VAW? We do it through our #AlcoholFree #MagicDrink. Less alcohol, less #GBV

Up to 80% of #GBV is alcohol related. To prevent #VAW alcohol policy is a powerful tool #OrangeDay #InspireFreedom

Check our #OrangeDay #InspireFreedom video: concrete, simple action to #EndVAW for #LifeSetFree > http://bit.ly/15rdF3G


With an interesting picture and the right hashtag, you can get lots of attention:
What will you do to #EndVAW on #OrangeDay? We drink #MagicDrink #AlcoholFree to #InspireFreedom from alcohol violence.

#OrangeDay to #InspireFreedom for women and girls. What’s your #MagicDrink recipe for #AlcoholFree drink?

The UNiTE campaign via @SayNO_UNiTE has declared the 25th of each month #OrangeDay to end violence against women and girls. Up to 80% of all violence against women and girls is alcohol related. That’s why we drink #MagicDrink today #AlcoholFree to #InspireFreedom.

Today – 25th is #OrangeDay, a day to highlight violence against women and girls and factors behind it. Alcohol is often disregarded in the context. But in Brazil e.g. 70% of all cases of intimate partner violence are alcohol related.

Check our #OrangeDay #InspireFreedom video: concrete, simple action to #EndVAW for #LifeSetFree > http://bit. ly/15rdF3G

The economic harm of intimate partner violence in the USA amounts to $12.6 billion. Perpetrators have used alcohol in 55% of all cases. #OrangeDay #Alcohol-Free is needed to prevent and eliminate #GBV.