In the cradle of humanity, Africa, the Movendi movement is represented through 53 Member Organizations in 21 countries – all located in Sub-Saharan Africa, where we cover all regions with our work.


Value Health Africa

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IOGT The Gambia

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IOGT The Gambia promotes a fresh and sober lifestyle, and empowers Gambian youth to take control of their lives through healthy social activites and education. Anda sa sago – be in control of your own life.



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The Institute of Leadership and Development (INSLA) is a non-profit civil society center for the strengthening of leadership capacity and the promotion of development.

INSLA’s interventions are based on proven local, national and global scientific evidence, facts and good practices.

INSLA is a development oriented center which has been in operation since December 2009.

The Institute’s current focus is to strengthen leadership to assist in the implementation of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other international development frameworks.

The Institute works to promote development and counter the irresponsible corporate activities detrimental to human health and the environment.

INSLA engages in health promotion and information activities, as well as sensitization efforts on clean, productive and safe environment. INSLA is advocating for good governance and peace, and youth and gender empowerment.

Vision for Alternative Development

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Vision for Alternative Development (VALD) is a non-governmental organisation registered with the Registrar Generals Department of the Republic of Ghana.

The main goal of VALD is to promote alternative initiatives and support development at all levels of society by advocating for a tobacco-free society and road safety in Ghana. VALD also strengthens tobacco control at the local level in Ghana to improve health and reduce poverty.

VALD’s objectives are to advocate, sensitise and build capacity on tobacco control and health issues; to empower and support community participation in good governance; and to promote and support cultural diversity, dialologue, peace and development in Ghana.


IOGT Guinea-Bissau

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IOGT Guinea-Bissau works to provide education for peace, health and solidarity – and real developement of the country. IOGT Guinea-Bissau runs schools in the country to provide basic education and empowerment. IOGT Guinea-Bissau also works with sports and leisure time activities to prevent alcohol and other drug use among children and youth.


Students’ Campaign Against Drugs

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SCAD is a not-for-profit and politically independent youth run organization. SCAD works for reducing the prevalence rates of substance abuse, HIV risk behaviors and infections among young people of Kenya. Through education programs, SCAD works with and for young people, equipping them with skills to aide in their making informed decisions while SCAD’s advocacy efforts are aimed at addressing the environment within which they live. Research guides both SCAD’s education and advocacy efforts.


Anti Drug Abuse Association of Lesotho

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The Anti Drug Abuse Association of Lesotho (ADAAL) works to educate young people and adults in Lesotho about HIV and substance use prevention. ADAAL’s main activities are projects to empower healthy youth. ADAAL’s works comprises advocacy, prevention, community development, Human Rights promotion and research.

ADAAL also runs a project for orphans and vulnerable children. Other areas of work are HIV/Aids, Counseling, Education, Prevention, Training, Anti-Human Trafficking, and Sustainable Livelihood / Alternative Development.



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IOGT Mali promotes a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs through the example of their own members.


Nigeria Alcohol Prevention Youth Initiative

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The Nigeria Alcohol Prevention Youth Initiative (NAPYI) is a not-for-profit non-governmental youth organization with a mission is to give voice to young Nigerians’ views on alcohol harm, to create more awareness about evidence-based policies that help prevent and reduce alcohol harm, and to promote science-based practices independent of commercial interests. NAPYI works to empower young people by educating and empowering youth to lead a healthy lifestyle. NAPYI works to monitor the activities of the alcohol industry in Nigeria and engages in the development of public policy solutions for alcohol control and to work according to WHO standards.


Senegalese Youth Network on Population and Development

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The Senegalese Youth Network on Population and Development (RESOPOPDEV) is a youth organization that advocates for adolescents and youth on issues of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) as well as on Migration and Participation issues affecting young people. RESOPOPDEV was created to provide answers to the concerns of young Senegalese about their health and socio-economic status. RESOPOPDEV’s mission is to be a powerful national network at the forefront of Senegal’s youth development. RESOPOPDEV works to create an enabling environment for effective participation of adolescents and young people in protecting and promoting SRHR, education, and sub-regional integration as well as the fight against the spread of HIV/ AIDS, poverty , unemployment, inequities and gender inequalities.

IOGT Senegal

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IOGT Senegal promotes a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs through the example of their own members.

South Africa

The Independent Order of True Templars

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The Independent Order of True Templars (IOTT) is present all over Southern Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia and Zimbabwe. IOTT works to prevent and reduce harms caused by alcohol and other drugs and to promote a sober youth, for a sober nation.


Future For Marginalised Community

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FUMACO is a registered NGO based in Mwanza, Tanzania and is politically and religiously independent. In collaboration with a wide network of partners, FUMACO works to facilitate an enabling environment for the struggling to address economic, social and physical needs of the community so as to empower them and have a voice.

FUMACO’s vision is to leave a sustainable community for future generations.

FUMACO’s mission is the promotion of social inclusion in order to empower and to reflect the perspective of the minorities, the excluded groups and the poorest in the development process.

FUMACO runs different programs, such as:

  • Early Childhood Development: intends to strengthen the capacities of families and the local community structures to support vulnerable children to access preschools, pre-primary education and feeding program within targeted communities.
  • Skills Training and Economic Empowerment: providing long term solutions to poverty through giving skills that can provide sustainable incomes.
  • HIV-TB Education and Support: enlighten community members on the link between HIV and TB and also infusing rights based approaches in the management and care of HIV patients who have TB.
  • Child Marriage Campaign: raise awareness of the harmful impact of child marriage by encouraging open, inclusive and informed discussion at community level.
Tanzania Media Womens Association

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The Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation. TAMWA is committed to advocating for women and children’s rights by conducting awareness raising activities for cultural, policy and legal changes in society through the use of media. TAMWA has two offices, one in Dar -es- Salaam and one in Zanzibar. Currently TAMWA has over 100 members with a minimum qualification of Diploma in Journalism and three years work experience in the media industry. Members are working in public and private media houses as editors, reporters, programme managers, producers, public relations and communication officers.

Iringa Development of Youth, Disabled and Children Care

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Iringa Development of Youth, Disabled and Children Care (IDYDC) is a non-governmental organization located in southern part of Tanzania.

The organization is working in three regions: Iringa, Dar-es-Salaam and Njombe with the headquarters in Iringa Municipality.

IDYDC seeks to address the issue of health, poverty and illiteracy. Lack of education, poor knowledge on health issues and poverty affect the welfare of children and youth and increase their vulnerability. IDYDC works with street children, and children and youth that have alcohol and other drug problems. IDYDC also works to mitigate and prevent risks of contracting HIV and STIs. IDYDC has established five major programs to prevent and reduce problems in the community.

Women and Child Vision

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Women and Child Vision (WOCHIVI) is a non-partisan, religiously independent non-governmental organization with a mission to enlighten people in Tanzania specifically in Arusha municipality on a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs. WOCHIVIV works to create a healthy community where people do not live in fear of infection with HIV/AIDS and burdened by poverty. Their activities include teaching disadvantaged youth; providing home-based care to sick patients including food support; giving small business grants to widows whose partners have died from HIV/ AIDS – which allows them to stop producing informal alcohol and earn money for family needs such as rent, food, medicine and school fees; as well as community outreach and capacity-building of school students.


Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health

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Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health (UNACOH) is a Public Health NGO that brings together Health professionals and any individuals and organizations interested or active in the improvement of health in Uganda. Its motto is “Health for all by all!”

Founded in 1987, UNACOH runs activities in advocacy for alcohol control regulations at grass root level.

UNACOH also conducts community awareness campaigns on prevention and control of alcohol and other drugs. UNACOH strives to link community members identified with alcohol problems to government health centers for treatment. UNACOH works to promote a positive health culture among the Ugandan population and to influence healthy policies through promoting the principles of Primary Health Care (PHC).

UNACOH is member of the Global Health Workforce Alliance.

Uganda Youth Development Link

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The Vision of Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL) is a transformed society where young people live a good quality life free from exploitation. UYDEL advocates for children that have been victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and child labour. UYDEL works to enhance socio-economic transformation of disadvantaged children and young people through skills development for self-reliance.

Kawempe Youth Development Association

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Kawempe Youth Development Association (KYDA) works to provide activities beneficial to children, young people and other concerned adults (care givers) through mass media, community and person-to-person interventions. KYDA is driven by the vision to create an appropriate framework for enabling the youths to develop social, economical and cultural skills, necessary for them to participate in development and improved welfare.

Hope and Beyond

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Hope and Beyond is Uganda’s leading alcohol and other drugs rehabilitation center. It is an organization with a mission to provide holistic care to families and communities suffering from addictive illnesses and substance abuse. Hope and Beyond works for a society without substance abuse. Hope and Beyond provides treatment and rehabilitation services in order to help clients achieve abstinence and attain better quality of life. Hope and Beyond works to implement programs and activities geared towards the prevention and reduction of substance abuse; to mitigate the challenge of HIV among people affected by substance abuse; and to work with people and communities affected by substance abuse in order to provide support for them to acquire and sustain resources to improve their standard of living.


Africa Foundation for Development and Tolerance

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The Africa Foundation for Development and Tolerance (AFDETO) works to promote prevention of substance use; to promote youth rights, women’s rights and child rights; to empower communities and workplaces with adequate knowledge concerning harmful substances, HIV/ AIDS and other development issues.

Youth Against Alcoholism and Drug Dependency

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Youth Against Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (YADD) is an association of young people who having realized how substance abuse damages the ability of the youth to act as free and conscious beings, capable of taking action to fulfill their needs; are working to fight alcoholism and substance abuse by promoting possibility oriented living.

YADD’s mission is to build a community responsive to the life threatening nature of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse. YADD strives for promotion of healthy alternatives to substance use among young people in Zimbabwe.