In Europe, the Movendi movement is represented through 40 Member Organizations in 18 different countries.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Center for Youth Education

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Centar za edukaciju mladih (CEM) was founded in 1998, dedicated to working with young people.

CEM is a civil society organization, which operates on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region of Central Bosnia. CEM’s mission is to empower individuals, civil society organizations, public institutions and decision-makers, and to actively advocate for the creation and implementation of policies that protect the rights of young people, women and children.

The vision of the Center for Youth Education is a democratic and just society, based on healthy lifestyles, in which all citizens have social skills, exercise their rights and actively contribute to the community


Juvente Eesti

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Juvente Estonia is a group of young people, who want to enjoy life free from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The core values of Juvente Estonia are sobriety, tolerance, international cooperation and civic initiative.

Juvente Estonia offers various educational seminars and leisure time activities for its members in a sober and supportive environment. We support the right of diversity, self-expression, liberty for people and every individual, democracy at all levels of society and the opportunity for every citizen to actively participate in decision-making processes and freely express their opinions.

Juvente Estonia is a non-governmental oranisation gathering people who want to be active on local and international level and want to bring positive change to the society through their actions. Our international activities mostly draw on different projects and co-operation with other NGOs.


Nykterhetsförbundet Hälsa och Trafik (NHT)

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NHT, or Sobriety Association health and traffic, is an expert organization that works to prevent the harmful effects of drug use in order to promote health in Finland. At the same time, the association is an umbrella organization for local sobriety associations and traffic sobriety associations in Finland. 

NHT’s preventive work is in the area of ​​primary prevention, which means that the efforts are aimed at all people in a target group. The activity aims to reduce the total consumption of intoxicants, and to limit the health-related, social and community-related damages caused by the use of intoxicants, in order to increase well-being in society. 

Core areas are expert services and citizen communication. Cooperation with other Finnish and Nordic organizations and networking is central to their work for increased well-being in society.

Juvente Finland

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Juvente Finland is an NGO for young people who are all about promoting a sober lifestyle of civic participation and community engagement.

Raittiuden Ystävät ry

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Friends of Temperance in Finland promotes a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs through the example of their own members.

Founded in 1853, Raittiuden Ystävät ry is the oldest Finnish organization promoting democracy, Human Rights and public health through a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs.



Good Health and Well-Being

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Good Health and Well-Being is committed to creating an enabling environment for healthy and quality living in Georgia to prevent and control non-communicable diseases through effective prevention policies, partnerships and programs.
We support the empowerment of patients, health professionals and people who are organized to build a strong NCD movement in Georgia and participate in collective advocacy, action and accountability globally for NCD prevention and control.

HSA aims to catalyze multi-sectoral action to improve health and quality of life in Georgia and develop an action plan to increase sustainable engagement of civil society organizations, youth and people living with non-communicable diseases.


KiM Germany

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Kinder im Mittelpunkt (“Children in Focus”) is the section for child rights work and junior activities of IOGT Germany.

IOGT in Germany had already formed a section for child rights work in 1892, only a few years after its founding and this tradition and commitment to protect, support and empower children – especially those suffering from their parents’ addiction issues – today’s version of KiM was formed in 2003.

At KiM, the “little human beings” take center stage. KiM works to support children and youth in their free evolvement development and to enable their personal and social development.

To children all over Germany between the age of 6 and 12 years, KiM’s offers junior groups and contacts, leisure time activities in Germany and abroad as well as the kids’ time “Pünktchen”.

In the junior groups, kids can learn and practice tolerance and acceptance towards others; helpfulness and social skills are fostered. The junior groups provide shelter and create a safe and enabling environment for kids.

For adults, KiM offers non-formal eduction for kids group leaders and in communication skills.


FORUT Germany

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FORUT is the development agency of the German IOGT movement. Since its inception in 1987, FORUT works to address alcohol and other drugs as obstacles to development in Low- and Middle Income Countries, particularly in West Africa.

FORUT works to support addiction treatment and recovery programs as well as prevention interventions. Moreover, FORUT works to increase access of children to primary education, running and building schools.

Through its work, FORUT addresses the negative consequences of alcohol production and use in deprived communities. To improve the conditions of life, promote Human Rights and to ensure justice in global trade for the most marginalized are the goals of FORUT’s development work.


Guttempler Germany

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IOGT Germany, the “Guttempler” live free from alcohol and other drugs and promote peace and global solidarity. The Guttemplers, founded in 1889, is the largest religiously independent addiction self-help association in Germany.

In 500 local groups across Germany, IOGT runs self-help groups that provide peer support for people in recovery. IOGT Germany also runs an addiction clinic providing treatment and recovery support for people who want to overcome their alcohol and other drug problems. A specific concept is the work with family clubs to support the person with substance abuse problems as well as their closest family members and relatives.

IOGT Germany also engages in political work to curb the influence of the alcohol industry on the German political system and raise awareness of the evidence-base for cost-effective alcohol policies.

Juvente Germany

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Juvente Germany is a youth organization that provides young people the opportunity to develop independence, personality and responsibility. We are working towards an independent life and an environment, where all humans can live peacefully and tolerant together.

Founded in 1997, Juvente organizes seminars, workshops and camps both nationally and internationally.


Null Prosent

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Null Prosent is the youth organizations of the Icelandic IOGT movement. Null Prosent gathers young people between the ages of 14 to 30 years of age and creates an environment free from alcohol and other drugs.

Null Prosent works for the prevention of the use of alcohol and other harmful substances and engages in education, awareness raising, advocacy and community empowerment.

IOGT Iceland

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Founded in 1884, IOGT Iceland works with prevention of harmful substances both through political as well as through community work and in addition engages in humanitarian, peace and culture and environmental protection projects. IOGT Iceland is open for all people and the projects and programs aim to empower individuals, support families, strengthen communities and develop society.

IOGT Junior Iceland

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IOGT Junior Iceland is the Children’s Movement of IOGT in Iceland is an independent association of children 6 years of age and older, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, social status, religion or political opinion.

IOGT Junior Iceland works to give children and young people the opportunity to develop self-esteem and confidence and to practice leadership and responsibility in an enabling environment where they are encouraged and empowered to follow their ideas and interests to plan and organize events, projects and campaigns.

IOGT Junior Iceland works to create environments and facilities for kids to meet and socialize in a safe, enabling and inclusive environment.


European School of Alcohology and Ecological Psychiatry

Associated Member

The European School of Alcohology and Ecological Psychiatry is a Non-Governamental Association specialised in training professionists and voluntary people involved in the field of alcohol dependency.

The School was born with the proposal to provide basic training to those people who wished to operate voluntarily in the Clubs of Alcoholics in Treatment following the philosophy of the Social Ecological Approach.

The Ecological approach shows a very important preventive aspects: the aim is to make people aware of alcohol related problems through action of awareness raising not only about the specific individuals but also to their families . The purpose is to change the community and the health culture in the community.

In a society extremely permissive towards alcoholic beverages it appears that this type of program has a very positive influence.




Lithuanian Youth Union “Zingsnis”

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Lithuanian Youth Union (LJS) “Žingsnis” is a preventive youth organization that creates and develops sober communities of children and youth.
The organization achieves its goals by carrying out various non-formal education activities focused on personal development, creating a supportive peer environment and sincere communication.

They are a community-based youth organization that empowers society to live meaningfully without alcohol and their mission is to create and educate a sober community of children and youth.

LJS “Žingsnis” started its activities in 1997 by implementing the “Street Volunteers”, “Viresnioj brolio” and “Vilties” programs. After that, for more than 20 years, he ran “Sniego gniužtės”, “Snaigės” and organized “Tilto”, “Snaigiukės” programs as well as conferences and seminars on preventive education issues on a national scale. Currently, the organization carries out new non-formal education activities in the areas of self-knowledge and interpersonal communication skills.


Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition – NTAKK

Associated Member

The National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition (NTAKK) is a public legal entity with limited civil liability. The organization started its activities in 2004 and legally established in 2008

The vision of NTAKK is to strive for the vast majority to think and live knowing that sobriety is the norm of life.

NTAKK represents 36 organizations and seeks the implementation of science-based prevention and control measures for the use of psychoactive substances and gambling.



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CAZAS is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that started its work in 1998. The work of the organization is based on the principles of non-profitability, volunteerism and non-profit activism with a mission to contribute to the improvement of Montenegrin society through the implementation of its four programs.

  1. Health
  2. Young people
  3. Psychosocial assistance and support for vulnerable populations
  4. Capacity building program

The vision of the organization is a society in which the health system is accessible to everyone in an equal and high-quality way, in which vulnerable groups are protected and in which all rights and all necessary services are provided to them, and a society in which strong and active youth free from any prejudices is the basis of its development .


League Against Intoxicants LAI (Förbundet Mot Rusgift)

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It i s a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary organisation in Norway. They aim their efforts towards university-and high school students and others working in the field of education, in co-operation with similar organisations, taking responsibility for informing other segments of the Norwegian population, in order to prevent alcohol and drug problems in the whole society.

The LAI works through single members and supporters, who speak their minds about the necessity to engage oneself in the struggle against intoxicants, to break the peer pressure to use alcohol and drugs, to show solidarity with people already harmed by intoxicants, and disseminate the views and materials published by the organisation.

Rusfri Oppvekst

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It is is a voluntary membership organization that works for good and safe upbringing conditions for children and young people. We do this work through courses, conferences, studies and projects aimed at professional groups that work with young people.

Its aim is for the adults to be aware of their role in the preventive work, and catch children with challenges in everyday life at an early stage. To achieve our goals, we work through study programs as part of continuing education, lectures, conferences/courses and projects.


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JUBA is part of the Norwegian IOGT movement. It is a child rights and junior activity organization working to prevent and reduce  harm caused by alcohol and other drugs; to empower kids to democratically engage in society; and fostering engagement for a more just distribution of the world’s resources.

JUBA runs local groups for kids all over Norway and arranges camps, seminars, workshops and projects both for kids, the entire family and to raise awareness of the situation of children growing up with parental alcohol problems.

Learn more at JubaTV.

DNT-sober lifestyle

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DNT-sober lifestyle was founded in 1859 in Norway.

DNT-sober lifestyle works to promote and celebrate the benefits of the alcohol-free lifestyle and their members are role models in that work. Other areas of work are alcohol policy advocacy, prevention and awareness raising – for example with the project “Sports without alcohol” (Idrett Uten Akohol).

IOGT Norway

Full member

Founded in 1877, IOGT in Norway works for a world where alcohol and other drugs are no longer obstacles for all people to live free, rich and meaningful lives.

To achieve this, IOGT in Norway works in many areas: advocating for public policy that reduces consumption and related harms, that influences norms and traditions and that limits the alcohol industry in order to improve the general socio-economic level in society.

IOGT works with parents, for children and youth and also conducts development aid work through its special agency FORUT. IOGT also works with families, for example supporting them to deal with and overcome addiction issues.


Juvente Norway

Full member

Juvente Norway is a politically and religiously independent youth organization for young Norwegians between 13 and 26 years of age. All Juvente activities are for youth and by youth and Juvente gathers young people who want to create a world of human dignity and solidarity, without the hindrance of harmful substances.

Juvente works with prevention, policy advocacy, development work as well as the creation of inclusive, safe and fun youth environments all over Norway.

Juvente provides young people with a platform and the tools needed to get involved in the questions that young Norwegians care about. Juvente offers young people the opportunity to create, take responsibility for and test leading in organizing exciting events, activities and projects.


IOGT Polska

Full member

IOGT Polska is religiously and politically independent and brings together people of different denominations, interests and political views.

IOGT in Poland aims to activate children, youth and adults from various social backgrounds and to empower them to develop their passions and interests.

IOGT Polska provides help to people struggling with alcohol and other drug problems by providing psychological help as well as life skills training and capacity building.

IOGT Polska works to prevent harm caused by alcohol and other drugs among children and youth in one of Europe’s poorest urban areas, Bobrek, in Bytom, Poland.

IOGT Polska also runs an innovative prevention program in schools in order to empower critical thinking and autonomous decision-making.



Youth Anti-Drug Federation

Full member

The Youth Anti-Drug Federation of Russia works to promote a healthy and sober way of life for youth across the Russian Federation. They conduct training seminars for pupils and students on health and wellbeing and community involvement.

ISA (Independent Sobriety Association)

International Academy of Sobriety

Full member

The Academy was created in September 21, 2003 on the initiative of well-known scientists of several countries and with the support of relevant structures of the UN, WHO, UNESCO, IOGT and other international organizations.

The most important goals of the Academy are:
– assistance in the development of fundamental and applied research in the field of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences in the leading areas of sobering up the peoples of the World;
– assistance to the sober education and enlightenment of the inhabitants of the globe, including the training of highly qualified personnel necessary for a genuine sober revival and development of the peoples of the world;
– assistance in the revival and development of a culture of health and health values ​​of all the peoples inhabiting the Earth;
studying and summarizing the achievements of world and domestic sober science, promoting its fullest use in the national economy of peoples living in various countries;
– assistance in strengthening fraternal and friendly scientific, cultural and sober ties between the peoples of the whole world, strengthening international and interstate friendly relations on the planet.


Center for Youth Work

Full member

The Centar za Omladinski Rad (CZOR, Center for Youth Work) is a citizens’ association that has been working in the field of professional, systematic and planned youth work in the Republic of Serbia since 2001, with the aim of community development in general. CZOR recognizes young people as a valuable resource of society and as equal partner in local community development.

CZOR as a resource organization works in Serbia, as well as, in the wider Balkan region. CZOR believes that young men and women are socially competent and should have equal opportunities to contribute towards democracy and justice in society, where their voice, rights and needs are acknowledged and recognised at all levels.

CZOR’s mission is the development, implementation and promotion of community youth work and youth policy with the aim to improve the status of young men and women, through educational programs focused on their personal and social development, as well as their active participation in society.


Movendi SK

Full member

Movendi SK is a sobriety organisation that promotes healthy lifestyle and active citizenship. Movendi SK offers “Force of Habit” – trainings on alcohol norm and behavioral change; “Na Zdravie!” – regular online discussions on the topic of alcohol (norm) in various context such as alcohol in showbusiness, alcohol norm during holidays, alcohol and health, alcohol and religion etc.


Institute for Research and Development “Utrip” (UTRIP)

Full member

Institute for Research and Development “Utrip” (UTRIP) is a non-governmental and a non-profit research institute. Since its foundation in 2006, UTRIP has been working comprehensively in the field of prevention and advocacy, particularly in the areas of alcohol and tobacco policy, illicit drug policy, various forms of behavioural (or non-chemical) addictions, prevention of different forms of risky behaviour in children, young people and adults, as well as social and emotional learning. As a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, UTRIP has a public interest status in the field of health care and youth work.

Due to its broader coverage of prevention and advocacy, UTRIP cooperates with a very wide range of international networks and institutions, and is particularly active in the European Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSFD), the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC), the International Confederation of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Research Institutions (ICARA), Movendi International, World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD) and European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare). It is a full member of the Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association (GLEPHA), the European association in the field of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (EUFASD) and the European Alcohol Policy Network (APN). It is also actively working with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), in particular through the international prevention campaigns “Listen First”, “Science of Care” and “Science of Skills”, and the International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP) and the International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction (ICUDDR).

UTRIP is (has been) a lead or key partner in a number of (around 30) European projects co-funded by the European Commission under various programmes, in particular in the fields of health, home affairs and justice, education and youth, and the European Social Fund (ESF).


UNF Sweden

Full member

UNF, the Swedish Youth Temperance Association (Ungdomens Nykterhetsförbund) is an NGO of young people for young people.

UNF provides opportunities for youth to development, influence society and simply to spend time with awesome people.

UNF is a platform for youth to engage in questions that young Swedes care about. UNF also provides the tools for their members to get involved. All activities, projects, programs and campaigns are created by young people, for young people.

In safe, inclusive and enabling environments for young Swedes from all backgrounds and walks of life, UNF provides plenty of opportunity to try and practice to organize events, run campaigns, and take the lead in other youth activities.

UNF engages in political work, drug prevention, social work and development aid work.

Scout Association of the IOGT-NTO Movement

Full member

Nykterhetsrörelsens Scoutförbund (NSF) works to prepare young people for life by using drug-free role models and scouting. 

NSF works for a democratic society with equal opportunities for all to personal development, freedom and participation. In the strive for a better world, NSF members choose a life free from alcohol and other drugs, which place a burden on both individuals and society as a whole and are an obstacle to human development.


Full member

Junis is the junior association of the IOGT-NTO movement in Sweden. JUNIS is a child rights organization that offers environments and activities where children are free to be children.

Junis runs local clubs across the whole of Sweden and has approximately 12.000 members – kids up to the age of 15 years. In these 200 local clubs, it is the children that have a say and they decide about the activities together with the Junis leaders. Activities range from watching movies, to dance, indoor hockey or puzzle. Other Junis clubs organize theater plays, cirkus or arrange disco and bake evenings.

Junis also arranges hundreds of camps for children, especially during the summer but also throughout the year.



Full member

Founded in 1879 IOGT-NTO is Sweden’s largest temperance movement and is politically and religiously independent. IOGT-NTO’s vision is a society, a world, where alcohol and other drugs don’t hinder human beings from leading a rich and free life.

IOGT-NTO works to support and empower people who have or have had alcohol and other drug problems. The organizations also works to raise awareness about the effects on children and young people when adults are using alcohol. Both domestically and internationally, IOGT-NTO supports prevention work to prevent and reduce use of harmful substances. And IOGT-NTO also conducts development aid, supporting grass-roots and community organizations to curb alcohol harm and foster democracy and sustainable development in East Africa, South-East Asia, and the Balkans.

IOGT-NTP has 30.000 members who all choose to live life free from alcohol and other drugs. Together they create alcohol-free environments, shatter the alcohol norm in Sweden and empower people to make free choices.


Juvente Switzerland

Full member

Juvente Switzerland is a youth organization that promotes solidarity, Human Rights, peace and democracy. Juvente organizes seminars, workshops and camps both nationally and internationally.

Juvente also has a YouTube channel.

IOGT Schweiz

Full member

IOGT Schweiz is a Nonprofit-Organization founded in 1892. IOGT is one of the oldest and most experienced civil society organizations in Switzerland working with addition prevention and recovery and social work.

IOGT in Switzerland is a democratic and multi-cultural organization acting locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and with the confidence that joint efforts, based on evidence can succeed in preventing and reducing the problems caused by alcohol and other drugs.

IOGT supports children from families with parental alcohol problems. The website offers support and advice to children and has more than 5000 visitors per year.

IOGT also offers self-help groups in Basel, Zürich and St. Gallen where people suffering from alcohol and other drug problems find help to solve and overcome these issues with peer support and in an understanding and compassionate environment.

IOGT is also engaged in development aid work in West Africa. For more than 18 years has IOGT been working with partners in Guinea-Bissau to increase children’s access to school education.


KiM Switzerland

Full member

Kinder im Mittelpunkt (“Children in Focus”) works to support children and youth in their free evolvement development and to enable their personal and social development.

KiM runs the Jugendland (country of youth) kindergarten/ day care center and the help website for children with parents who have alcohol problems.

United Kingdom

Scottish Recovery Consortium

Full member

Scottish Recovery Consortium supports, represents and connects recovery across Scotland. We achieve this by working with recovery in all its forms – from grassroots to government, from individuals to international organisations and we value lived and living experience throughout. We are a small team working nationally across Scotland to develop and provide a variety of offerings including events, training, representation and community development. Scottish Recovery Consortium adopts a rights-based approach and believes in collaborative working.

Prevent UK

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Prevent UK is an organisation working in the field of drug demand reduction.

IOGT England, Scotland, Wales

Full member

IOGT in the UK promotes a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs through the example of their own members.