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Joining the global Movendi movement means being part of leading the change. With Movendi, your organization is at the forefront of promoting global health and sustainable development. Together we work heart-driven and make transformative change happen.

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Working with Movendi International means to be at the forefront of promoting global health and sustainable development in a diverse, flexible and heart-driven team. Each team member's contribution is equally important for our work to have an impact in preventing and reducing harm caused by the products and practices of alcohol industry. With Movendi, your skills, energy and time are invested into some of the most effective measures that save lives and improve quality of living. Together we make transformative change happen.

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Fair products for a better world. Promoting the alcohol-free way of life never looked so cool, never felt so right and never was so good. With your purchase support the worldwide work of Movendi International. With your purchase spread positive and empowering messages about the way of life of the 21st century.

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Movendi International has stood up for Human Rights, democracy, justice and peace for over 160 years. Our work has saved lives, improved livelihoods and given hope, where all hope seemed lost. We have a track record of leading by example and making change happen. To continue to do so, we welcome your support.

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