Health Promotion

We conduct health promotion not only through talking about health, but also through arranging parties and building capacity for active citizenship.

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Rehab & Recovery

We're a global social movement for a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs. We believe that such a life is possible for everyone. Addiction is a disease that can be overcome and Movendi is there to help, support, encourage and empower anyone who needs help, to overcome addiction and build the life they wish for. Life Set Free.

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Children, Adolescents And Youth

In Movendi International we believe in every person's inherent ability to contribute to the community. We believe that children and youth don't need supervisors, but mentors. We believe that children and youth can be leaders today.

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World Alcohol-Free Day©

One day for a global celebration of the alcohol-free way of life in all its shapes, ways and forms. One day for a global celebration of all the benefits of alcohol-free choices. One day to share sober inspiration. One day to celebrate sober choices – short- or long-term, big or small ones. One day to portray the diversity of the people going alcohol-free and their perspectives. One day to bring people together around alcohol freedom...

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Fake Free

Fake Free is the world’s most innovative approach to substance use prevention. It empowers critical thinking and innovative activities to promote both healthy lifestyles and civi engagement.

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Community Action

With our Community Action campaigns we stand and act as one movement, we act on grass-root level with global scope, through concrete and creative actions.

Civic Participation

A richer and freer lifestyle is not only about the absence of harmful substances and behaviors. A richer and freer life is also about how to endow it with meaning and live up to one’s full potential – it’s about dreams, opportunities, community, choices and commitment. That’s what we call Life Set Free.

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