Value driven. People centered. Community based.

Movendi International’s mission is to unite, strengthen and empower civil society to provide sustainable solutions to alcohol and other drugs as serious obstacles to development on personal, community, societal and global level.

We work with the most comprehensive approach to address the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs consisting of evidence-based public policy solutions as well as scientific research, innovative prevention, education and awareness raising, capacity building and treatment and rehabilitation.

We form, empower and promote human beings to support them in harnessing their full potential. In Movendi, we believe that the challenges of the 21st century can only be mastered, that the obstacles of our time can only be turned into opportunities, if and when every human being is able to live up to their full potential.

We have been working with people in their communities around the world for more than 165 years. We do this with people from the respective communities for those communities, based on their insights, needs and dreams. That means we have a comprehensive picture and sensitized understanding for the realities at the grass-roots level.

Comprehensive Approach

Comprehensive approach for sustainable solutions

We believe that the most promising, sustainable and effective approach to the pervasive harm caused by alcohol and other drugs is a comprehensive approach, integrating work on all aspects of the problem. That’s what Movendi International leadership stands for.

Our members form expert hubs in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, child rights, women’s rights, sustainable development and public policy in order to continuously assess the scientific evidence-base, the state of the art in effective interventions, exchange best practices and inform public policy processes.

The Movendi way is to work with the most comprehensive approach to address the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs consisting of evidence-based public policy solutions as well as scientific research, innovative prevention, education and awareness raising, capacity building and treatment and rehabilitation.

Bottom-Up Process

A culture of transparency  and accountability

Movendi International is a vast, global and diverse movement, working democratically with a bottom-up process.

It means we facilitate and thrive on processes where we learn from each other, question one another and make each other better.

We believe that a culture of transparency and accountability that invites input, feedback, participation and leadership from all members, based on their needs, is the best incubator for innovation and organisational development.

In Movendi International, the World Congress is the highest decision-making body. It is held every fourth year and is open for every member to have a say in the future direction and development of our organization. In-between the sessions of the World Congress, the International Board steers the strategic direction of Movendi and represents the Member Organizations and their needs and interests.

Members are involved through advanced processes in the daily work of Movendi International: they shape what we think about current affairs and how we respond to realtime issues; they have opportunities to represent Movendi; they are leaders in our special working groups; they are involved in drafting new campaigns and projects.

In Movendi International, we work heart-driven with and for democracy. We take democracy seriously. Our staff works to make voluntary engagement as easy and rewarding as possible.

Community Mobilisation

Grass-roots level action for global impact

From community action for children and youth, to treatment and recovery of vulnerable people and their families in community-based self-help groups, to innovative approaches for democratic participation at grass-roots level – we work to make more sustainable and healthier lifestyle choices available for all people, in communities worldwide.

We always work hand in hand with the community, because Movendi members are usually part of the respective community.

We strengthen and mobilise communities by

  • Running grass-roots projects in urban and in rural areas where alcohol and other drugs are major problems.
  • Campaigning for more environments free from alcohol and other drugs, so that children and young people can have access to public resources, to nightlife and to meaningful leisure time activities.
  • Advocating for evidence-based, cost-effective and high-impact policy solutions.
  • Conducting prevention programs that protect vulnerable community members, and that reconcile different groups in conflict areas.

The starting point for our work is to ensure that communities do have the capacity to implement programs, policies and other changes that are designed to foster change and development. Often harm caused by alcohol and other drugs is a massive obstacle.

The Movendi way is to use community-based approaches and social mapping to assess community readiness and consequently empower the community to generate tailor-made solutions for their specific problems.

The Movendi way is to strengthen communities: we help build and develop resilient communities that sustained have the ability to utilize available resources to respond to, withstand, and recover from adverse situations.

Enabling Environments

Environments where everyone can thrive

We create enabling, safe, inclusive and creative environments for all.

  • It means that we manage to provide conditions of trust and growth where all participants can explore and tab into their full potential, can challenge and encourage each other and thus learn from one another.
  • It means to promote learning-by-doing, risk-taking, and critical thinking and entrepreneurship.

The environments that we in Movendi do create for our activities and events shape a culture of safety and assurance, as well as creativity and empowerment. Alcohol-free environments in the Movendi setting are truly inclusive and therefore become diverse. Everyone is welcome to join and doesn’t encounter obstacles to participation.

The Movendi way is to create environments that build on international and multicultural encounters, study sessions and workshops – where heart-driven participants take responsibility for educating one another, on topics relevant to them and their communities.

Intergenerational & Life-course Approach

We are stronger together

In Movendi International people of all ages and all walks of life come together. We believe that to harness a person’s full potential diversity of experience and input is a fundamental precondition. Therefore, our work is rooted in an inter-generational and life course approach.

  • It means that Movendi promotes non-formal education and zest for learning from one’s own experiences as well as from other people’s experiences and stories.
  • We provide opportunities for youth to take charge of their own realities and run organizations, campaigns, projects and initiatives youth-driven: for youth, by youth, with youth.
  • We build bridges between different generations to facilitate both experience-sharing and innovative thinking.
  • It means to foster understanding for people with all kinds of stories, backgrounds and cultural practices.

In the exchange of perspectives, experiences, dreams and hopes of people from different ages, we produce a rich cultural heritage and open space for learning from one another and inspiring each other. Such a culture best promotes intergenerational dialogue and appreciation for lifelong learning to

  • Hone life skills, critical thinking and self-esteem.
  • Enable literacy about current affairs and developments in society, such as corporate consumerism.
  • Empower children and youth to form their own lifestyle choices.
  • Build capacities to be and remain active citizens.
  • Provide safe, enabling and creative environments where people of all ages can live up to their full potential.