Movendi International’s smartphone app delivers daily updates about all latest alcohol issues in policy news, science updates, Big Alcohol revelations and community solutions directly to your mobile phone. The app also gives you direct access to brand new opinion pieces and analysis from guest experts and the Movendi International Global Voices.

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Movendi International’s Alcohol Issues News App is a one-stop gateway to fresh perspectives on latest alcohol issues with carefully curated content, expert analysis and multimedia storytelling.

The Alcohol Issues New App is a unique service. It is the world’s first ever smartphone app for alcohol issues in policy, science, and industry.

The app offers a stream of worldclass content that is carefully curated from the daily news stories in our News Center, consisting of stories from the policy newsfeed, the science digest, the community solutions hub and our opinion articles from outstanding guest experts and Movendi’s global voices.

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Download the Alcohol Issues News App on the App Store and on Google Play – and never miss a beat again.

Enjoy this unique digital information hub for state-of-the-art updates regarding alcohol policy news, latest science, cutting edge opinion pieces, revelations about the alcohol industry and highlights from community activists.

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Available for all Android phones and pads

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If you are interested, please e-mail Kristina Sperkova, the President of Movendi International.