Movendi International’s weekly in-depth conversation with with policy makers, community leaders and scientists about a special topic of global importance. The podcast also summarizes the latest highlights of alcohol issues in policy and science and new alcohol industry revelations.

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The weekly Alcohol Issues Podcast is carefully curated from the daily news stories in our News Center. The podcast summarizes highlight stories from the policy newsfeed, the science digest, the community solutions hub and the Big Alcohol Watch.

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All episodes of season 1

Conversation with Dudley Tarlton, UNDP

Movendi International has released a brand new episode of the Alcohol Issues podcast. It contains an in-depth conversation with Dudley Tarlton, program specialist for health and development at the United Nations Development Program, UNDP. It’s an insightful conversation that provides unique perspectives on alcohol as obstacle to development and some inspiring ideas how to tackle it.

Episode 03 discusses the weekly highlights of alcohol issues in policy, discuss the alcohol burden in the UK; for the science digest highlight we talk about alcohol use and brain damage; and in the Big Alcohol Exposed segment we dive into a new report about how health harmful industries exploit COVID-19 for marketing purposes.

Conversation with Caterina Giorgi, FARE

This week’s in-depth conversation is with Caterina Giorgi of FARE about their trailblazing advocacy success to secure mandatory pregnancy warning labeling in Australia and New Zealand.

Episode 04 also provides latest weekly highlights regarding alcohol issues in policy, science and industry revelations. In policy news, we talk about Sweden’s plan to raise alcohol taxes; and we take a look at two European countries’ alcohol policy during the second wave of COVID-19 infections. And interestingly, this week’s Science Digest and Big Alcohol Watch overlap, meaning that we are discussing two new compelling studies that help expose alcohol industry strategies.

Conversation with Nijole Gostautaite Midttun, NTAKK

For this fifth episode, we are talking with Nijole Gostautaite Midttun, the President of the Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition (NTAKK), about Lithuania is one of the most remarkable success stories of alcohol policy-making in the world.
Episode 05 also discusses four new weekly highlights regarding alcohol issues in policy, science and industry revelations. In policy news, we talk about the first indications of success with Minimum Unit Pricing in Wales and we discuss what happens to alcohol harm when Uber comes to town. In this week’s Science Digest we look at new research into risk factors for adolescent alcohol use and trajectories of alcohol harm in adult life. In the Big Alcohol Watch we expose how Coca-Cola is pushing into alcohol markets around the world, targeting youth and women.

Conversation with Nina Renshaw, NCD Alliance

For this sixth episode, host Maik Dünnbier is talking with Nina Renshaw, the Policy and Advocacy Director at the NCD Alliance. They discuss alcohol’s as well as the alcohol industry’s role in the global tsunami that are non-communicable diseases and their major risk factors.
Episode 06 sheds light on three alcohol issues of special attention. In policy news, we talk about Canada during COVID-19 and how rising alcohol use is fueling mental health problems and what all that says about the country’s alcohol policy situation. In this week’s Science Digest we look at new research showing just how much healthcare spending could be prevented through policy action on health risk factors such as alcohol. And in the Big Alcohol Watch we expose how Big Alcohol uses the illusion of small-scale alcohol production in the Swedish countryside to lobby for the undoing of the successful Swedish alcohol policy model.

Conversation with researchers Nason Maani and May van Schalkwyk

For this seventh episode, we are talking with Nason Maani and May van Schalkwyk. They are two of the authors of a highly important and innovative research article that we have discussed on the podcast previously. Their paper is called “Dark Nudges and Sludge in Big Alcohol: Behavioral Economics, Cognitive Biases, and Alcohol Industry Corporate Social Responsibility”.

Episode 07 also highlights two alcohol issues that we think deserve special attention. In policy and science news, we talk about the latest Global Burden of Disease study, its key findings and what they mean for alcohol policy-making. And in the Big Alcohol Watch we discuss evidence from Ireland about the child rights harm due to alcohol and the delay in implementing the Public Health Alcohol Act.

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