Meet Pubudu Sumanasekara

Pubudu, from Colombo, Sri Lanka, is the first-ever International Vice President to come from Asia.

Pubudu is a health promotion specialist, alcohol and other drugs policy advocate, poverty eradication and development expert, community organizer, civil society activist, Human Rights defender and humanist. Pubudu leads Movendi International with critical thinking, heart-driven patience and dedication.

Pubudu’s work is guided and inspired by our vision for a world where free and healthy citizens actively contribute in all levels of society.

In October 2014, the 68th Session of the Movendi International World Congress, held in Thailand, elected Pubudu unanimously to lead Movendi International.

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Pubudu_profile webInternational Vice President

Pubudu Sumanasekara

Colombo, Sri Lanka

pubudu.sumanasekara [at]

 +94 71 4272977

No: 40/18, Park Road,
Colombo 05.
Sri Lanka

Pubudu's Story


Pubudu is the Executive Director of the Alcohol and Drug Information Center, better known as ADIC, in Sri Lanka.

Pubudu’s Movendi story starts when he first joined his local organization in Sri Lanka, the Alcohol and Drug Information Center (ADIC).

Pubudu joined ADIC as a volunteer in 1989 and would end up becoming the Executive Director of ADIC in 2006.

To me Movendi is a global family where members are nurtured by knowledge and friendship.

Movendi taught me that unity of different cultures and nationalities is the strength to create a better world with democracy and well-being for all.

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Pubudu’s Blog Corner

To get to know more about Pubudu’s work, you can follow his personal blog, where he expresses his opinions and perspectives concerning global events and policy developments in the Asia-Pacific region.

Find Pubudu’s Blog Corner here.

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Short Biography

Pubudu is currently working as the Executive Director of the Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC) Sri Lanka, which is an internationally recognized resource center for alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention interventions and policies.

He had been working for UNODC as a volunteer specialist. Pubudu holds a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion from studies in Canada as well as a degree in Psychiatric and Medical Social Work in India.

Pubudu is a visiting lecturer at the University of Colombo and University of Rajarata in Sri Lanka.

Pubudu is a member of the expert committee of the National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol (NATA), the Presidential Task Force on Drug Prevention and the Drug Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka.

Pubudu has conducted many drug prevention workshops locally and internationally. Development of audio-visual and printed materials is another field of expertise and many of them were published and telecasted. He has appeared in many TV and Radio discussions on alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues. He has 25 years experience in the field of policy advocacy, community interventions and campaign designing in drug prevention.

Pubudu serves as the International Vice President of Movendi International.