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It's time to reveal the unethical and harmful practices of the alcohol industry

The products and practices of multinational alcohol companies are causing massive harm to people, communities, and societies around the world. Alcohol companies are causing so much suffering, diseases, and deaths. It is time to reveal their unethical and harmful practices.

About Big Alcohol Exposed

Big Alcohol Exposed is Movendi International’s initiative to monitor, document, expose, and counter-act the unethical practices of multinational alcohol companies and their front groups.

Big Alcohol Exposed is dedicated to rigorously exposing the Dubious 5 strategies – the activities of alcohol giants to derail alcohol policy development, to hook a new generation of users on their harmful products, to undermine laws, regulations, and institutions, to lie about their intentions and objectives, and to cast doubt over science and the real harm their products and practices are causing.


Big Alcohol Exposed provides continuously updated profiles of the major alcohol producers and their front groups, case stories of alcohol industry interference from communities around the world, and state of the art analysis of the unethical and harmful practices of alcohol companies.

We work around the world with a special focus on low-and middle-income countries and communities. Big Alcohol is deliberately targeting the most vulnerable people, communities, and societies for profit maximization putting the biggest populations at risk of suffering from harm caused by their products and practices.