We are passionate about sharing and our know-how and expertise.

With over 160 years worth of experience in building, strengthening, and developing civil society organizations around the world, Movendi International is a premier expert for how to build and run thriving and innovative grass-roots organizations, conduct impactful advocacy.

We are delighted to offer our advocacy and global affairs services on a consultancy basis.

Our offer

Movendi International is now offering to share our 164-year long expertise in value-driven advocacy, community mobilisation, civil society capacity building, and brand development to support other organisations, networks, companies and individuals.

We combine a long-standing understanding of global and regional public affairs in health and development and other areas that impact on social progress, access to decision-makers and opinion-leaders, a vast network of contacts, and a large pool of resources to help you build your advocacy capacity and increase your impact.

Get in touch with us if you say:

I am in great need of an obvious and highly respected partner, who could help me analyse and boost my work, and thereby shorten the way to organisational development, brand visibility and/ or policy changes through my advocacy.

Expect From Us

In cooperating with us, these are the qualities that you can expect from our consultants:

  • Passionate, humble and reliable people who always listen before they speak.
  • Responsive and knowledgeable people who are committed to finding the solutions that fit your organization.
  • Our services are guided by open-mindedness, pragmatism and compassion.
  • Inspiring advice, assistance and solutions, originating from our passion for making each other better.
  • Trustworthy information, rooted in our vast experience and continues effort to stay up-to-date.
  • Innovative approaches, tested in our vast and diverse network.
  • Critical thinking and honest feedback.
  • Tailored advice and solutions based on detailed analysis and profound understanding.

Working with Movendi, you’ll have the feeling:

They know what they are talking about and they express themselves with clarity and conviction. Their enthusiasm is infectious and it’s inspiring to see that they practise what they preach.

Advocacy Services

AdvocacyMovendi International consultants provide you with state of the art services and expertise for impactful advocacy and campaigning.

We offer:

  • Consultancy on: Advocacy strategizing (including analysis of target group) and advocacy facilitation, enabling value-driven advocacy
  • Policy analysis services
  • Research and writing services
  • Consultancy on: Advocacy campaign – concept and strategy
  • Advocacy capacity-building: training participants in lobbying techniques, rhetorics, advocacy facilitation etc.

Organisational Development Services

OrganizationalDevelopmentWith over 160 years worth of experience in building, strengthening, and developing civil society organizations around the world, Movendi International is a premier expert for you in how to build and run a thriving and innovative organizations.

To get you there, we offer:

  • Movendi Opportunity Alerts – Realtime and tailor-made e-mail alerts on latest funding opportunities for NGOs, as well as on scholarships and invitations to prestigious events
  • Consultancy on: Operational planning, risk analysis, and result-based management in NGOs

Branding Services

CommunicationMovendi International consultants are ready to provide state of the art advice and assistance for analysing the organisational identity and developing the organisational brand.

We offer services for brand building and identity narration for civil society organizations, such as:

  • Consultancy on: Analysis of external communication
  • Consultancy on: Brand development for heart-driven NGOs
  • Advice and solutions for your external communication strategy, including social media strategy

Consultancy Contact

Are you interested in hiring a tailor-made Movendi International consultancy service?

We can help you navigate global, regional policy processes, to build relevant relationships in high-level policy-making hubs worldwide, to reach out effectively to your stakeholders, raise awareness and increase your advocacy impact, as well as develop your expertise and knowledge. Movendi International is able to offer strategic advice and training communications.

Feel free to get in touch with us by contacting our Director of Strategy and Advocacy.

Get In Touch With Maik

Maik_webDirector of Strategy and Advocacy

Maik Dünnbier

Stockholm, Sweden

maik.duennbier [at] movendi.ngo

+46 721 555 036

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