One day for a global celebration of the alcohol-free way of life in all its shapes, ways and forms. One day for a global celebration of all the benefits of alcohol-free choices.

One day to share sober inspiration. One day to celebrate sober choices – short- or long-term, big or small ones. One day to portray the diversity of the people going alcohol-free and their perspectives. One day to bring people together around alcohol freedom.

October 3, 2023 is World Alcohol-Free Day©.

2023 Theme: Expect More

For World Alcohol-Free Day 2023 we will highlight that the current alcohol norm is not good enough for people. And that we expect more from our social environments and relations than pushing alcohol all the time, everywhere.


When we – our minds, our preferences, our environments, our customs and cultures, our social norms – are liberated from alcohol, there is so much more life to embrace and enjoy. When alcohol is is not at the center anymore, the human, our relations, our real feelings, experiences, and preferences take center stage.

There is so much more to relations, events, social gatherings, special moments of joy or sadness than just the expectations that alcohol marketing and the alcohol norm teach us. There are friendships that last beyond the “happy hour”. There are jokes that are funny for real. There are authentic emotions. There are memories that last a lifetime. There is so much more to expect.

Get involved! Share your voice

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Most people don’t want alcohol to dominate every environment, every social event, every cultural practice and family gathering. Most of us want to connect authentically. We don’t want to be pressured to consume alcohol when we don’t want, don’t like it, or have other preferences. Most of us are tired by alcohol companies pushing alcohol on us all the time, everywhere. We are many who expect more from social relations than the boring and harmful focus on booze. Most of us want the people, our joint activities and interests to take center stage, not booze. We are many who expect more and want more healthy, more inclusive, and welcoming social norms than the oppressive alcohol norm.

We expect more from the environments we live, work, play, and party in. We expect:

  • More family time liberated from alcohol.
  • More social connections liberated from alcohol.
  • More celebrations liberated from alcohol.
  • More bars and restaurants liberated from alcohol.
  • More dates liberated from alcohol.
  • More nightlife liberated from alcohol.
  • More sports liberated from alcohol.
  • More social media liberated from alcohol.
  • More holidays liberated from alcohol.
  • More…

We invite you to record one sentence about what you would like to see more of liberated from alcohol. It can be anything – sports, politics, public space, restaurants, self-esteem, social connections, family time, etc.

We want to give voice to the many people who feel oppressed by the alcohol norm. We want to give voice to all the possibilities that open up beyond booze.

With all your video messages we will create a video collage of voices from around the world and share it as one movie on October 3rd.

We will also share with you your video in World Alcohol-Free Day 2023 design.

Get involved! Spread the word

We have create 50 social media assets for you. Feel free to use them and share them. Feel free to translate them into your local language.

Two pillars of the “Expect More” campaign

  1. Exposing and questioning the oppressive alcohol norm.
  2. Identifying, celebrating, and promoting the benefits of alcohol-free environments.

Exposing and questioning the oppressive alcohol norm

The current alcohol norm is oppressive. It does not accurately reflect people’s real preferences, wishes, and values.

People’s real preferences are much more diverse than only using or not using alcohol and many people prefer social settings liberated from alcohol. Yet, alcohol is everywhere, all the time.

Big Alcohol is doing all they can to perpetuate the alcohol norm and to create the illusion that everyone likes alcohol and wants to consume alcohol all the time, everywhere. 

The pervasive alcohol norm

  • Limits fun,
  • Oppresses real preferences,
  • Dictates (alcogenic) environments,
  • Conditions the thinking and expectations of people,
  • Affects relationships,
  • Undermines self-esteem and self-confidence,
  • Pushes alcohol on everyone, everywhere, all the time, and
  • Limits people’s freedom.

This World Alcohol Free Day we are expecting more.

Promoting the benefits of alcohol-free environments

When we – our minds, our preferences, our environments, our customs and culture, our social norms – are liberated from alcohol, there is so much life to embrace and enjoy.

With #ExpectMore we promote and celebrate all those benefits in their beautiful diversity.

Being liberated from the alcohol norm means to be free to enjoy all the benefits of healthy environments and real experiences and relations.

The 2023 World Alcohol-Free Day engages people and communities to share the benefits they experience.

We will also feature the many good initiatives people are already doing in their local communities in the spirit of sober curiosity, positivity, and inspiration.

This World Alcohol Free Day we are identifying, celebrating, and promoting the benefits of alcohol-free environments for all people.