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MEMBER NEWS: BiH: CEM Exposes Alcohol Sales Law Violations

To check whether alcohol outlets adhere to the restriction on alcohol sales to minors, IOGT International member organization CEM, the Center for Youth Eduction, in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted complaince test through mystery shopping. CEM sent an undercover customer – who was a minor under adult supervision – to 10 sales outlets in Travnik. Three of these sales facilities violated the law and sold alcohol to the minor…

BLOG: Fake Free At European Prevention Conference

Fake Free as innovative prevention approach easily starts a lot of interesting conversations and blows a lot of minds, even among some of the leading people in the field of prevention. Viktor shares two lessons learned from presenting the Fake Free prevention approach at the European prevention conference…

BLOG: myIOGT – IOGT Is What Our Members Make Of It

Our members and Member Organization are the heart of IOGT International and the “myIOGT – Life Set Free Together” campaign offers a platform and channel to them all to express what IOGT means to them and to indicate where IOGT International should go, headed into the future. It consists of two pillars, and each pillar consists of two elements.
1) The bond between each member and IOGT International
1.1) Photographs of members worldwide on the topic.
1.2) Short films about our members, their stories and their life with IOGT.

2) The democratic mechanism – it is our members and Member Organisations who make IOGT International
2.1) You decide what IOGT International does in the future (2015 – 2018)
The Plan of Action, the thematic and geographic focus areas, our policy positions concerning alcohol policy as well narcotic drug policy.
2.2) One of the highlights of the World Congress 68 is the Exhibition Promising Practices.
The idea is simple: in an open space, much like a fair or market place, every Member Organisation present at World Congress 68 will be exhibiting one or some of their projects, activities, campaigns that they are most proud of – that they think is a Promising Practice, to be shared with the IOGT family…