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NEWS: Infectious Diseases: Looming Epidemic In Russia

Last year, approximately 95,000 people were newly infected with HIV in Russia. It’s the only region in the world where the HIV/ AIDS epidemic continues to spread. Frequent places for contracting viruses of infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis and HIV are prisons, where a perfect storm seems to be gathering driving a massive epidemic…

NEWS: Russia: Vodka Production Increases 30%

The production of vodka in Russia has increased year on year by 30% in April and 29% in May. The increase has been informally linked to raids carried out by the the Federal Security Service (FSB) and Federal Tax Service in February 2016. The agencies raided a number of illegal vodka factories in the Northern Caucasus, closing down their alcohol production line and a tax evasion scheme…

BLOG: World’s Best Footballer Lives Alcohol Free. Fifa Is Not Supporting Him

Football has long been known as having an alcohol problem – ranging from the lowest leagues to the biggest stars, from coaches to supporters, and alcohol fuelled violence. Fifa knows the harm caused by alcohol on all levels and in all dimensions of the game, especially affecting children and youth.
And yet Fifa opts for the money that Big Alcohol pours into the bank accounts, ridiculing its own prevention campaign. 11 for health – okay, but millions in profit – matching!

Continuing this sponsorship deal, and pressuring governments to change their laws in order to promote alcohol are tactics to target children and youth with alcohol marketing, only to profit from children who take up alcohol use at an earlier age; from a culture that glamorises alcohol and is taught to associate football with alcohol…

BLOG: Civil Society And Illicit Drugs

From my perspective I can see that a group of civil society people – with rich donors and vast economic interests behind them – promoting not only decriminalizing but legalization of marijuana and a number of Harm Reduction Organizations are very active to raise the question of the UN Conventions on Drugs. When listening to representatives from different regions, there seems to be no public support for this and most likely we will see status quo. But there’s a lot of fuzz.