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NEWS: Norway-Sweden: Gap In Alcohol Prices Grows

According to new data, the gap in alcohol prices between Norway and Sweden is growing.
The Swedish alcohol retail monopoly – Systembolaget – has announced they will be cutting the price of the cheapest beer to NOK 6.90 from 2020.
The reduction of beer prices will further widen the gap of alcohol prices between neighboring Norway and Sweden. Norway has been adjusting their alcohol tax upwards with the general price trend in the country, while Swedish taxes have remained almost at a stand still according to Swedish Tax Agency figures. Already the price gap for alcohol between the two countries is large…

BLOG: Primary Prevention On The Way To Become A Key Issue

I think it is powerful to be able and willing to name things as they are and to move from there to mobilizing political will to address the problem. The problems we face in human societies around the world are made by humans and all can be solved by humans – as soon as we are willing to…