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NEWS: DR Congo: Heineken Billboards Glorify War

The multinational beer giant Heineken, the second largest beer producer in the world, has a long history of unethical marketing campaigns. Dutch newspaper NRC reports the latest marketing stunt that transgresses ethical boundaries comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo where Heineken-owned brand Primus launched a billboard campaign that glorifies war.
The gigantic billboards, many of them near roads, depict fighters lifting a rifle into the air. The Swahili caption reads: “This is our beauty.”…

BLOG: Facing Crisis We Must Be Human

We do not own this world. We share it. The issue whether the refugees are welcome or not, is not a question. Of course they are welcome to enter another part of the world. Another part of their home. Because the world is home of all human beings and the borders are just a human construct…

BLOG: Big Alcohol And The War In Congo

This blog looks at recent work by two scientists and answers: How has the corporation been able to increase profits given the rest of Congo has progressively disintegrated to the extent that some Congo experts argue the country doesn’t even exist? How is it possible that during one of the world’s fiercest conflicts, the Heineken subsidiary ‘did not stop producing during the conflict and has experienced an upswing in sales’, as the New York Times reported? How is it possible to operate in the Congo without becoming entangled with the plethora of conflict actors that prey on anyone with money in the country?