The new UNF report shows that across Sweden investment in prevention work by municipalities has declined.

Sedan 2012 har Ungdomens Nykterhetsförbund rankat Sveriges kommuner utifrån hur tillgången till en bra fritid för ungdomar ser ut.

UNF, the Swedish Youth Temperance Association, has examined the performance of Sweden’s municipalities on matters of young people’s leisure time facilities and opportunities since 2012.

The 2020 “Municipality Ranking” report shows that prevention work is getting worse across municipalities around the country.

Every child should have the chance to participate in football trainings or to go to a youth center. But what happens when the municipality rather develops real estate on the local football ground or when youth centers are forced to close due to a lack of investments? It’s not my job to answer these questions,” says Filip Nyman, President of UNF, as per the UNF website.

Filip Nyman, President, UNF

The survey was conducted among 234 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities, which amounts to an 81% response rate.

The 2020 report focuses on four themes:

  1. Meeting places,
  2. Activities for young people,
  3. Participation in and influence by youth over affairs and decision in their municipality, and
  4. Alcohol and other drug prevention.
Report in Swedish

The survey found investment in prevention work has declined across municipalities.

Some key results are as follows:

  • Fewer municipalities have preventive work in the overall political program.
  • Fewer municipalities include the upper secondary school in the preventive work.
  • Weekend opening hours in the municipalities are deteriorating.
  • The municipalities have reduced their collaborations.
  • Less time is spent on ANDT coordination and fewer municipalities have campaigns to reduce longing.

UNF believes municipalities can do better to increase prevention work as well as activities for young people.

UNF does not want to give any municipality the thumbs up this year because I know that you can all do better,” said Filip Nyman, President of UNF, as per UNF website.

Filip Nyman, President, UNF

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