The UNODC’s ‘Listen First’ camapign reached one-quarter of Slovenia’s population thanks to the work of Movendi International member organization Utrip.
Institute for Research and Development “Utrip” is a non-governmental and a Slovenian non-profit research institute. Utrip aims to conduct research, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the projects and programmes in the field of youth risk behaviour, substance use prevention, health promotion and healthy lifestyle.

‘The Science of Care’ – evidence-based science that informs parenting and caregiving around the world – was successfully incorporated into national prevention programs in Slovenia in 2021. 

The Institute for Research and Development “Utrip” ran the project for nearly a year through its ‘Prevention Platform’ program, supported by the Ministry of Health in Slovenia.

Utrip estimates that the initiatives have reached about one-quarter of its 2 million population, through strategic engagement of the media, schools, kindergarten, social and health services, as well as civil society organizations.

People reached with evidence-based prevention message
A year-long campaign to promote UNODC’s evidence-based ‘Listen First’ prevention initiative reached 250.000 people in Slovenia.

Utrip conducted a strategic media campaign with big success:

  • Videos were broadcast 400 times on national and local television.

Utrip also ran the campaign in communities across the country with big success:

  • 20,000 posters were distributed to an estimated 350 schools, kindergartens, social and health services, and NGOs.

In addition, Utrip engaged parents in discussions around parenting strategies through activities organized in kindergartens. The materials were also incorporated into an educational program targeting kindergarten teachers nationwide, led by the National Institute of Public Health. 

The campaign attracted a lot of attention among professionals and the final target group – parents and caregivers,” said Mr. Matej Košir, Director of Utrip, as per UNODC reporting

We received plenty of positive feedback that the scientific advice helped many get through the most difficult pandemic period, especially when the children were schooled at home.”

Matej Košir, Director, Utrip

Following the successes, the new materials ‘The Science of Skills: Super Skills’ have already been translated into Slovenian and Utrip is currently planning its dissemination in 2022.

Learn more about ‘Listen First’ in Slovenia here.

Listen First is a UNODC initiative to support drug use prevention based on science worldwide. Parents and families can be powerful protective factors in the lives of children and youth. However, certain family characteristics can be risk factors. Listen First dedicates a special section to support families (parenting resources).

Source Website: UNODC