For immediate release: July 14, 2017
Media contact: Kristina Sperkova

Women’s Major Group, Including IOGT, Criticizes HLPF 2017 Ministerial Declaration Draft

As member of the Women’s Major Group, IOGT International fully supports and endorses this statement (PDF), issued in a press release.

Statement From Women’s Major Group on the High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development Ministerial Document

The Women’s Major Group calls on all Member States to agree on a strong Ministerial Declaration in this High Level Political Forum. This declaration is the foundation for advancing and achieving the sustainable development goals put forth, agreed to and adopted by all members states in 2015. We must have a cohesive platform to move forward for the good of the planet and all of its inhabitants—and to avoid the devastating results if we don’t.

Central to our work and to the success of all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Goal 5 is one of the goals being reviewed and reported on during this year’s HLPF. It is essential in the quest for leaving no one behind, we have consensus from all Member States on Goal 5 and a commitment to Women’s Human Rights so that we can realize full gender equality and empower women and girls globally.

Gender inequality (SDG 5) is one of the most pervasive inequalities, evidenced by numbers of women living in poverty (SDG 1); discriminatory laws/policies targeting women, including unequal inheritance or criminalization of abortion (SDGs 2, 3); predominant unsustainable industrial agriculture/fisheries models pushing out small farmers and artisanal fisherpeople, majority of whom are women (SDGs 2, 14); and reduction/elimination of essential services and infrastructure women and girls rely on, such as education/health services and social protection (SDGs 3, 9).

Member States and all actors must address the gender and human rights dimensions of each goal and linkages between goals, taking into account women and girls of all ages and diversities.

We urge the Member States for a full commitment to Means of Implementation (MOI) and the universal nature of Agenda 2030. Without comprehensive and intentional means of implementation, the promise and potential of the Sustainable Development Goals cannot be fully realized.


Notes to Editors

What is WMG?

The Women’s Major Group (WMG) is an official observers group recognized by the UN gathering the diverse views of women and gender equality groups worldwide to create a sustainable future. IOGT International, as a feminist international NGO, is member of the WMG.

The WMG is participating in the High Level Political Forum being held at the United Nations July 10-19, 2017. The High Level Political Forum (HLPF) is the central UN platform for the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted at the United Nations September 25, 2015. This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity.

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