Ireland: Majority Believes Alcohol Myth

A new survey conducted by Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cork shows how entrenched alcohol myths are.

A majority of people, 53%, believes that alcohol makes them lose control. 49% said they use alcohol to alleviate stress – that often stems form problems related to financial issues, work or relationships. However, 54% of respondents said they use alcohol up to five times per week. This way,the findings also highlight the cognitive dissonance in people between perceived effects and actual behavioural choices made concerning alcohol use.

JCI Cork collected the data as part of their work to change how people think about alcohol and in an effort to highlight the impact it can have on mental health.

Members of JCI Cork plan to hold a ‘Sober Night Out’ this Saturday and a mindfulness walk on Sunday.

Research shows that alcohol often works like a placebo, in that it is not the chemistry of ethanol in the human body that cause many of the effects of consuming alcohol, but that many of those effects are due to expectations and learned assumptions about the fact of alcohol. Read more about in our Fake Free section.

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