Lake Chad: The World’s Most Extensive Humanitarian Crisis Since 1945

The world’s most extensive humanitarian crisis since 1945 is currently playing out in the four countries that surround Lake Chad:

  • Cameroon,
  • Chad,
  • Niger, and
  • Nigeria.

Multiple stressors converge in the region, interacting, reenforcing one another and thus creating a perfect storm of climate-fragility risks, deprivation and social and health harms.

  1. Unemployment,
  2. Violent insurgencies,
  3. Poverty,
  4. Depleting resources,
  5. Climate change.

The international community must act, in order to save lives and secure livelihoods.

The 10-minute film investigates root causes for widespread misery and conflicts. It features interviews with local experts on Lake Chad, peacebuilders and representatives of international organizations, such as the Security Council and the World Food Programme.

To understand the crisis and secure lasting peace in times of climate change, one must shed light on the complexity of the crisis and learn from experiences on the ground.

More information:

Access the video transcript here.

The video was produced by Paul Müller-Hahl (Lichtbilder Filmproduktion) and directed by Stella Schaller (adelphi), with kind support by the Planetary Security Initiative and the German Federal Foreign Office.

The Climate Diplomacy initiative is a collaborative effort of the German Federal Foreign Office in partnership with adelphi. 

Source Website: adelphi YouTube channel