Kenya: Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gambling Fuel School Drop-Out

The recent County Dialogues Report reveals alcohol, other drugs and gambling as leading causes for children dropping out of school in Kenya.

The report covers a range of causative factors for poor educational performance and kids dropping out of school in Kenya. These factors include alcohol, drug use and gambling.

Drug and other substance abuse is still a major challenge facing many schools…,” stated the report as per SDE.

Some other factors cited are, teenage pregnancies, child labour, poverty, teacher shortages, conflicts, natural disasters, poor parenting, inequitable and insensitive resource allocation to education sector, high illiteracy and low participation and support among parents on school development activities.

Alcohol harm in Kenya

Alcohol has been proven to be an obstacle to education and also attaining all the sustainable development goals.

Kenya: Alcohol Threatens Big 4 Flagship Initiative

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s big four agenda aims at advancing sustainable development in Kenya through bold action across four priority area: manufacturing, universal healthcare coverage, affordable housing and food security.

But alcohol is a major obstacle to this agenda.

©WHO Global Alcohol Status Report 2018

As WHO reports, almost half (46%) the alcohol using youth in Kenya binge on the substance. The figure is over half when it comes to young boys. Both alcohol use disorders and dependence among Kenyan men are higher comparative to the WHO African regional average.

Alcohol harm is pervasive in Kenya, which is placed on the higher end for years of life lost due to alcohol.

Kenya urgently needs to adopt a written comprehensive national alcohol control policy and foster collaboration within county governments to effectively implement the alcohol act and boost education and development through alcohol prevention.

Source Website: SDE