French Government Opposed to Stadium Alcohol Sales

French Government Opposed to Stadium Alcohol Sales

The French government is opposed to alcohol sales in sports stadiums according to a letter sent by the cabinet of the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe to the president of the French Federation of Addictology (FFA), Professor Amine Benyamina.

Earlier, IOGT International reported that a loosening of the legislation, in place since 1991, has been widely discussed in France and 105 members of parliament (MPs) from the ruling La République en Marche party proposed a law to weaken the legislation “in a supervised manner.” In opposition to this idea, the health minister of France, Agnès Buzyn, suggested the Loi Evin, which among other stipulations prohibits the sale of alcohol in sports stadiums, should be extended to include the alcohol consumption in hospitality boxes.

France: Political Struggle Over Loi Evin

Article L49-1-2, established by the Loi Evin, prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages in stadiums, gyms, gymnasiums and schools, in general, in all establishments of physical and sports activities“. 

The Prime Minister would like to confirm to you, as Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn and Minister of Sport Roxana Maracineanu have firmly stated, that the Government does not intend to amend the existing regulations on the prohibition of alcohol in the stadiums, as written in the Loi Evin,” read the letter sent by the the cabinet of the Prime Minister, made public by FFA, as per Le Quotidien Du Medecin.

The letter confirms that the government of France will stand by the Loi Evin.

Source Website: Le Quotidien Du Medecin