Movendi International has released a brand new episode of the Alcohol Issues podcast. It contains an in-depth conversation with Dudley Tarlton of UNDP about alcohol as obstacle to development and evidence-based solutions. The new episode also provides weekly highlights regarding alcohol issues in policy, science and industry revelations…


Episode 3 of Movendi International’s weekly conversation about the latest alcohol issues in policy and science and new alcohol industry revelations is now available on Apple podcast and Podbean.

For this third episode, Maik Dünnbier is talking with Dudley Tarlton, program specialist for health and development at the United Nations Development Program, UNDP.

This week’s in-depth conversation

It’s an insightful conversation that provides unique perspectives on alcohol as obstacle to development and some inspiring ideas how to tackle it.

Dudley Tarlton, UNDP

UNDP stands out among UN programs and agencies for their strong support of WHO and for their commitment to work on alcohol, health and development. Maik talks with Dudley about why UNDP is so committed and why some other UN programs and agencies are not yet addressing alcohol harm in their specific fields of expertise.

Dudley and UNDP address alcohol as obstacle to development not only from a health burden perspective but are also making other linkages – to poverty, economy and even environment. Dudley is also going into more detail regarding this unique approach.

In their conversation they also talk about alcohol policy solutions as catalysts for development: how that works, what resonates with countries and what Dudley thinks are key issues to advance alcohol policy solutions to accelerate the SDGs. 

This week’s Alcohol Issues highlights

Regarding the weekly highlights of alcohol issues in policy, science and Big Alcohol revelations, Maik discusses the alcohol burden in the UK; for the science digest he talks about alcohol use and brain damage; and in the Big Alcohol Exposed segment he dives into a new report about how health harmful industries exploit COVID-19 for marketing purposes.

Listen to episode 3

You can find the new episode on Apple podcasts, here.

And you can find episode 3 of the Alcohol Issues podcast on Podbean, here.

All previous podcast episodes are also available on either platform, along with show notes and more background material.

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