Movendi International has released a brand new episode of the Alcohol Issues podcast. This week’s in-depth conversation is with Caterina Giorgi of FARE about their trailblazing advocacy success to secure mandatory pregnancy warning labeling in Australia and New Zealand. The new podcast episode also provides latest weekly highlights regarding alcohol issues in policy, science and industry revelations.


Episode 4 of Movendi International’s weekly conversation about the latest alcohol issues in policy and science and new alcohol industry revelations is now available on Apple podcast and Podbean.

For this fourth episode, host Maik Dünnbier is talking with Caterina Giorgi, the CEO of the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) in Australia.

This week’s in-depth conversation

This is an insightful, inspiring and engaging conversation that helps to shed light on some of the most important elements of successful advocacy campaigns.

With Caterina, Maik discusses a trailblazing advocacy success to secure mandatory alcohol warning labels in Australia and New Zealand against heavy alcohol industry opposition. The talk is about the decision as such to understand it in detail. And Caterina also reveals the tactics of the alcohol industry. But the main focus of the conversation is the lessons that can be drawn from this advocacy success and what the future holds for other alcohol policy solutions after this groundbreaking decision.

This week’s Alcohol Issues highlights

This week we highlight four alcohol issues that we think deserve special attention. In policy news, we talk about Sweden’s plan to raise alcohol taxes; and we take a look at two European countries’ alcohol policy during the second wave of COVID-19 infections.

And interestingly, this week’s Science Digest and Big Alcohol Watch overlap, meaning that we are discussing two new compelling studies that help expose alcohol industry strategies.

Alcohol policy news discussed on the podcast

Science digest and Big Alcohol Watch news discussed on the podcast

Listen to episode 4

You can find the new episode on Apple podcasts, here.

And you can find episode 4 of the Alcohol Issues podcast on Podbean, here.

All previous podcast episodes are also available on both platforms, along with show notes and more background material.

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