A study by Divorce-online.co.uk has found that during the key part of the first lockdown in the United Kingdom, alcohol was mentioned as the main factor for unreasonable behavior divorces among one in four petitions prepared by the company.

Divorce-online.co.uk is an online divorce company in Great Britain. The company had prepared 700 unreasonable behavior petitions for divorce between March 16 and August 31 in 2020. The COVID-19 lockdown in the UK happened during this time period. The company revealed that 180 of these cases mentioned alcohol as the main factor for the divorce.

1 in 4
Alcohol big reason for divorce
Out of the 700 unreasonable behavior divorce petitions prepared by Divorce-online.co.uk alcohol was the main factor for 180 of the cases or one in four cases.

This was an increase in alcohol being a reason for divorce compared to the previous year. In 2019, for the same time period there were 100 cases citing alcohol as the reason for unreasonable behavior divorce. This translates to one in six cases as compared to. one in four cases in 2020.

As Movendi International reported there is evidence of heavy alcohol users consuming even more alcohol during COVID-19 lockdown.

Several studies in the UK had found that alcohol use was increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown in the country.

The UK’s alcohol policy system is not good and comprehensive enough to address the growing burden. Cuts to alcohol treatment and recovery services further exacerbate the alcohol burden. Alcohol harm is preventable harm and prioritizing alcohol prevention and control solutions contributes to achieving long-term public health gains and effective pandemic recovery.

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Source Website: Divorce Online