A group of international organizations representing civil society and diverse stakeholders has released the Oslo Declaration. This is the first-ever unified call in Europe on governments to take alcohol policy action to prevent and reduce alcohol harm in countries. Movendi International is one of the initial supporters of the declaration.

A collective of international organizations that represent people’s movements, doctors, cancer patients, young people, researchers, civil society, public health, and development advocates have released the Oslo Declaration.

The Oslo Declaration is the first ever united call in Europe to request governments to take decisive alcohol policy action to prevent and reduce alcohol harm.

Movendi International President Kristina Sperkova was part of the drafting committee and Movendi International is one of the initial supporters of the declaration.

The declaration was drafted and unanimously endorsed by a committee of European civil society organizations gathered at the 9th European Alcohol Policy Conference, organized by Eurocare.

The seven alcohol policy recommendations in the declaration are as follows:

  1. National governments and the EU should regulate alcohol based on the WHO’s evidence-based Global Alcohol Action Plan to achieve its ambitious targets by 2030.
  2. National governments should cooperate to implement the evidence-based WHO Best Buys and SAFER recommendations focused on the price, availability, and marketing of alcohol.
  3. EU level regulation should reflect public support for a mandatory ingredients, nutrition declarations, and warning labels on alcohol products, so empowering properly informed consumer decisions
  4. National governments and the EU should make sure that health policy-making processes are protected from alcohol industry interference.
  5. National governments should tax alcohol products related to alcohol content. This should be index-linked and increased regularly in line with economic and health indicators.
  6. National governments should restrict or ban the marketing exposure of alcohol products, particularly to young people and children and other vulnerable groups.
  7. Governments should recognize and support the pivotal role of civil society organizations in preventing and reducing alcohol harm.


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